Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 6

Gosh, so late! Meant to do this much earlier.

I'm going to include Thursday because I did something out of the ordinary and went out.

A friend "won" four tickets to the comedy club downtown and invited Neil and me to go with him. We say "won" because we are thinking that they were trying to get butts in the seats because the main comedian they had canceled. The new headliner was really funny: Steve Trevino. It was a lot of fun, I haven't been in such a long time. I wouldn't mind making it a thing. The night was being sponsored by Jack Daniels and we got some swag. Free alcohol would have been better...

I attempted to do some yard work, and I did get some done, but the dang battery ran out. So I decided to weed around the bulbs I planted five years ago and plant the lavender plant I bought.

Later that evening I went to a wrestling show. Yes, my second one. My boss was there with one of his sons, and he said he saw me but I think he just saw one of my many doppelgangers. I have a few around here.

Attempted to finish the yard, the battery barely held out. So irritating. Had people over for the Super Bowl, once again too much food!


  1. I love comedy clubs - I used to "win" tickets all the time. If I couldn't go on whatever night they needed seats filled, they'd just put my name back in the hat. We never got branded alcohol swag, though. You're going to have to wear those the next time you work out, lol!

    It blows my mind that you do the yard work. I don't know my way around plants or yard work at all. Jack and I help Dennis sweep up the grass, though. Jacks likes to use the giant push broom and then pick up the clippings pile and fill up the wheelbarrow. I'm so bad with plants. I really want to plant a veggie garden, but I'm scared of wasting my money on plants that I'll probably just kill.

    1. I think most people are surprised that I do the yard work... well, I feel until you see the finished product then it's like, yeah this looks like someone who doesn't know what they are doing did this. lols! at least, thats how i feel it looks. good enough for government work is my motto in life. which i interpret as good enough, not great, but it's done. kind of.

      i'm doing so much better with plants!!! i surprise myself. i'm hoping the lavender i planted will do well, because i want to get a few more, but i have to wait and see.

      next time i work out (ha) i will take a photo of me wearing my swag ;)

  2. So much fun! Maybe who your boss saw was an evil twin. ;)

    1. There is a girl that my sister sees at her mall that she really thought was me and was going to say hi, so i'm wondering if it's her ;) i would love to see all my doppelgangers that people in my life say they see! i want to see if i would see the similarities, or be like, um, you think i look like THAT? ha.