Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday Confessions 2-7-16

The United States of Becky
I confess: One of my very good friends (and I want to say best friend) is coming back to NorCal and I couldn't be more excited!!!! She and her husband moved to San Diego which was suppose to be for maybe five years and instead it was only like two. Hurrah!

I confess: I am hesitant of saying "best friend" because I haven't had one since High School, so I don't want to jinx myself, and it feels a little weird saying it.

I confess: Everyone in San Jose is irritated that all the Super Bowl Celebrations are happening in SAN FRANCISCO instead of you know, the actual city the game is playing (well, I guess it is technically in Santa Clara and not San Jose...). People do know that San Francisco is like fifty miles away from here right??? And by fifty miles, I mean, at least an hour to get to. Not including trying to find parking.

Some Super Bowl related news links, since it's you know, Super Bowl Sunday and supposedly in my hometown this year.
So haha Bud Light truck. This wouldn't have happened if you were in San Jose. (This happens ALL THE FUCKING TIME in the city though; those hills are steeper than people think)

Oh god really guy? You are from this area so you know where you were. Hello, it's by the casino! And you are in the NFL, your brother should be getting action just by proxy!

What some people felt about Super Bowl City (what the fuck is that even? Do they do that for every Super Bowl?)

Yay for the sports and stuff.


  1. I feel the same way about using the term "best friend". But HURRAY for yours moving back!

  2. Cool that the very good friend is moving back - that's the best. biggest takeaway from the links was: are they expecting a full-scale zombie apocalypse outbreak during Super Bowl? Or rather, a full-scale zombie apocalypse could break out and they will have been better prepared to deal with sports riots. Because 'merica.

    1. The cops here can be pretty military looking... Neil and I have a game of "cop or soldier" (and also "hipster or homeless" for civilians, ha).

  3. I find it very weird that the Super Bowl wasn't actually in San Francisco, but that all of the celebrations were there. That's just weird, weird, weird. And I'd be home town pissed, too. I have no idea is Super Bowl City is a thing or just a thing in SF. I'll report to you next year because Sportsball is happening in Houston.

    1. yeah, people here were very grumpy about it. SF sucks balls without all the streets blocked off, I can't imagine what it was like. they didn't want the niners but are happy to take the nfl money. bleh.