Wednesday, February 24, 2016


  • When you discovered Red Dwarf on the BBC?
  • Trying to decide between Donovons Reef, Ask Any Girl, or Singing in the Rain for the lunch time movie during the summer?
  • Watching Are You Being Served?
  • Watching Lawrence Welk on Sunday nights?
  • When Civilization came out?
  • When Monkey Island came out?
  • Quest for Glory?
  • Everything Sim (SimAnt, SimLife, SimEarth, SimCity...)?
  • KingsQuest?
  • Watching your brother play Prince of Persia?
  • Watching your sister play Commander Keen?
  • Wasting time on pipe dream?
  • Wasting time leveling up in Castle of the Winds?
  • Well, let's just be honest, playing a lot of goddamn computer games?
  • Wearing all black, maxi skirts only, docs, and widly colored tights no one saw?
  • Reading in the walnut tree?
  • Wondering what ants tasted like? (Pepper. They taste like pepper.)
  • Hiding in the stuffed animal basket?
  • Using the Encyclopedia Britannica to press flowers?
  • Using the Encyclopedia Britannica to learn hieroglyphics?

Just me then? Okay.


  1. I have never seen AYBS or Red Dwarf, ashamed to say! Or eaten an ant ;-) I do remember long skirts, wacky tights and docs though :-) And trying to hide in the stuffed animals (like E.T.!) But I was fooling no one! ;-) Fun post!

    1. I've never seen ET all the way through, it's on my list. 90's was weird fashion wise for me, I sometimes wonder what I would be wearing if I were a teen now.

  2. Some things I've done, some I haven't, but OMG, I have been craving SimCity 3.0 like crazy lately. Not that I need anything else to suck time away from me, but man, I miss playing that game!

    1. My brother is always trying to get me to play new games, and I'm like, I don't have time for that any more! I have grown up stuff to do now. Which i don't mind, but he seems to have a hard time understanding ;)

  3. I love Red Dwarf, but a lot of those things I am woefully under-knowledgeable about. Well, the pressing flowers and wearing all black and combat boots of course. :)
    I might like to do a post like this if you don't mind.

    1. I played a lot of PC games in the nineties! And lots of other introverted activities ;)

      Please do copy!