Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What I Wore: Christmas Eve 2015

 On Christmas Eve, Neil and I usually only have a half day (so out at 12) at work so it's nice to have a chill afternoon before we head to East Palo Alto to visit some of his family. They usually have about 30-40 people show up! It was a little bit overwhelming for me at first, but his family is so nice that there is no fighting, tears, or family drama that I can see. Even the kids play quietly...
Neil and I usually stake out a spot on the couch and stay there all night ;)
I may or may not have whitened my teeth in the photo editor because they looked weird in this photo. And by weird, I mean yellow.

Everyone brings a gift, and we play White Elephant for what seems like forever because of all the people and all the stealing. For their white elephant, the gifts are around $25, and useful. So no joke silly gifts. Except for the appearance of a wacky keyboard cleaner, that makes the rounds every few years. You don't open it, you just re-gift it another year ;) Additional rule: a gift can only be stolen three times before it is safe.
We ended up going home with two blankets. Score!
Jacket: Abercrombie
Plaid Button Down: Abercrombie
Skinny Jeans: Abercrombie
Tank: Hollister
Boots: Primigi via Zappos
Belt: Fossil

I'm still on the lookout for a better pair of tall brown boots. I don't really like the zipper being on the outside instead of the inside.

And because I love to share my ridiculous attempts, here are two absolutely hilarious shots of me using the take three photos in a row function. I thought it would be fun to try to do the whole jumping in the air thing.
Oh you know, just flying around my room like Super Man like you do.
So natural and carefree!


  1. LOVE this outfit! The boots are bootylicious (we'll pretend that's what that word means, which it totally should) - and what a super cute top and the wide belt! Gorgeous!
    Looks like fun chilling and having fun...I am so glad the white elephant exchange is stepmom's family does a white elephant and they usually have a contest to see who can bring the LEAST useful, MOST AWFUL gift, and I'm like: what is the purpose of that?

    1. i've started wearing boots to work again since the one guy who told everyone i look sexy in boots no longer works there. so awkward. BOOTYLICIOUS, ya'll. i know abercrombie has a bad wrap but dang if their clothes don't fit me perfectly. i only buy things that don't have anything that makes it obvious where it is from.

      i really don't understand pointless white elephants, it's like a waste of money. everyone ends up with crap they don't want? why???

  2. I am always a fan of the plaid flannel - weirdly I have been looking at Abercrombie stuff online lately, having never shopped there - well maybe once when I was 19! They do have some nice sweaters and checked shirts as your modelling exemplifies, love the jump shots! Um I get claustrophobic when there's like 12 of us at peak in-law family level. Glad yours are so nice! :-)

    1. It's my first long sleeve flannel shirt, and I think i like it. His family's home is large enough that it doesn't feel too claustrophobic, plus the noise level is pretty benign. But I've been going for almost ten years now, so I think I'm just getting use to it :)

  3. Oh and if that is a winter jacket in Cali - jealous!

    1. If I had to wait at a bus stop, this wouldn't have been warm enough (for me, i would have had to add a scarf and earmuffs and gloves and thermals under the jeans, i think it was 33 degrees out that night), but with the flannel and jacket and boots, walking to and from the car was perfect ;)

  4. Plaid flannel button downs are my jam!!! I love how you're wearing red and green for Christmas!

    I also love big family gatherings. My family seems to be shrinking and I miss the days of having everyone there for holidays.

    And those jump shots are awesome. The next outfit post I do is totally going to include jump shots.

    1. I really love to get into the theme of things, so red and green was a must, even though the tank wasn't really visible, I knew it was there ;)

      If I try jump shots again, I need to bend my legs up, I think that will make it look better...