Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Snapshots | 3

Look guys, I made a post header doohicky and everything! And there totally was a potato graphic. My life is complete.

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Canceled my wax appointment cause my period has been lingering. TMI? Maybe yes. I stopped taking my birth control after like ten years just a month or two ago and my body is still adjusting. This adjusting also means acne, so screw you body.

Our cats have been a bit restless and fighting more than usual. I think it's cabin fever... It's been too wet and dark and cold for them to be outside too much (I never know how to answer the vets questions if they are outdoor kitties, because technically yes, but they are not allowed to roam outside the yard and we check on them every hour if it's the weekend, and if its during the week, they only go outside less than 30 min before and after work if the sun is out. They are like kids/dogs in that respect... So yes, I guess, with lots of supervision and rules!). Neil and I are trying to give positive reinforcement, low tones, and distraction because everything we read online says they don't understand/respond to yelling and negative things like that. 

Which I have learned with getting them inside, they understand if they come inside they get treats. So right now I've been feeding them catnip to distract them every time they start fussing.

And yes, my husband convinced me to buy "flavored" catnip. I also opened the door to Mary's room to give them some more space. They love her bed!

I did my usual chores, Neil cleaned up his bookcase while Toki sat in containers.

Later, went out to eat with Neil and the Shanes and watched The Hateful 8. Amazing and really funny, I didn't really notice that the movie was really long (mostly).


Woke up a little later than usual since we got home so late (almost midnight), had some coffee, had sex in the living room since roommate is gone for a few days, browsed on pinterest trying to mull over ideas for 5th wedding anniversary gifts even though that isn't for another 8/9 months, watched some Portlandia, wait, what was that second thing...?

I feel like the more I write these Sunday Confessions and Weekend Snapshots the more TMI I'm going to get. Sorry.

The Shanes and Bob came over after playing in some Magic tournament thing and played more Magic with Neil. I obviously was not counting Neil's calories this weekend ;)


  1. I need to go to the movies more! It must be nice to have,um, couple's time without the roommate around! ;-0 I relate to the kitty's cabin fever, I get grumpy locked up in the flat for too long too :-)

    1. My husband loves to go to the movies, so we go fairly often. Just for "boy" movies though, ha.

      My husband is a bit shy usually with any sexy time when she is here/awake so it's nice to be a little bit more spontaneous. Not that we have sexy time in the livingroom when she is here!!! That would be weird.

      I am trying to be understanding of my kitties but I try to remind them they use to not have a yard to go into and just a small balcony but they just stare at me ;)

  2. I feel like it's not TMI - then again, this from the girl who blogged the saga of the suspicious urine, so....? But yeah, it's like - you know what? We're all adults (most of the time?) and if you can't handle the fact that women's bodies have these things and requirements and that married couples (hopefully) like to get it on, then maybe go read something else. Keep doing you.

    I love the pics (I seriously have to get better at taking lots of photos) - and the header is AWESOME! Where did you make it - I only ask because of the potato graphic.

    1. it just felt weird for me to just say, cause in real life i don't think i would tell anyone that, like, it wouldn't be part of a normal conversation... last week my coworker asked how active me and my husband were and I thought she meant like exercise wise and haha, no she meant sex.

      normally i edit my photos through picmonkey, but i've been dabbling with befunky which is what i used for the header for this post. i like each for different reasons.

  3. Those aren't boxes, those are cat traps!

    I really miss going to movies regularly. We made it a point to see the new Star Wars (on Christmas Day no less - Jack hung out with my Mom so we could see it), and then we saw it again last week. I kinda wish we'd seen something else because movie time really never happens. Oh well, there's always DVDs.

    1. I just liked my cats demeanor in those photos, like she wasn't enjoying herself ;)

      I don't think I've ever seen the same film twice in the theater before... and usually going to the movies is someone elses idea. I mean I enjoy it, but they always end up on tv eventually ;)