Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Objectives

You know, cause this went so well last year.
  • Ride the Wine Train through Napa.
  • Eat at the Stinking Rose (garlic restaurant) in San Francisco.
  • Learn at least 20 ASL signs: right now I know how to say "more chicken" much to Neil's amusement. It's become our new thing to sign to each other when we are too far to hear each other, but still have a line of sight, like when he was standing in line to get autographs at the wrestling thing. So, two down, 18 more to go!
  • Learn the names of all the US presidents in order. (Why is this even on here? I don't know. It was on my hand written list, so...I feel like I'm going to regret putting this on here)
  • Eat at Benihanas for our 5 year anniversary, the one we met at. (This might have to be bumped up! I have learned that they want to re-do that mall because of the new Apple campus, so the restaurant might be demolished!)
  • Finish my Back to the Future game
  • Buy a dresser for the bedroom or at least have the funds TO buy it (there's this lovely teal one that I've had my eye on... wondering if I should just buy it before showing Neil because it's so not his style)
  • Draw three new things (0/3)
  • Work out on the rowing machine once a week for 21 minutes (I would like to make this a daily goal, but let's start slow here...) (0/52)
  • Get contacts
  • Re-arrange the computer room (done)
  • Back a Kick Starter project
  • Get caught up with the show Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
  • Get out there, there is plenty of room for activities (6/12)
  1. Cocktails
  2. Comedy Club (San Jose)
  3. Wrestling
  4. Santa Cruz (day trip/birthday)
  5. Jimmy Carr
  6. Alton Brown Eat Your Science Tour
  1. more
  2. chicken
  3. thank you
  4. candy
  5. cow
  6. bullshit
  7. cat
  8. mouse


  1. I like this kind of list better than a typical resolutions post. Did you guys randomly meet at the Benihanas or was that a first date? I don't know if our first hang/meeting place still exists, it was a bar in Brooklyn and they change like every few months! I did not know there was a Wine Train through Napa, that is totally on my list now too, sounds amazing! I always wonder how people do vineyard crawls with the whole transportation thing; we had some friend do a horseback one in Australia, I think that ended up interesting for them!

    1. Ive been told to do a post on how we met, and I started a story on a scrap of paper somewhere, so I need to find that, but it was SO RANDOM and so much by chance. It was the first time we met, almost ten years ago (ten years ago this june).

      Horseback??? While drinking??? Ha, you'd have to bungee cord me down ;)

      Weirdly enough, I first heard of the wine train from an episode of Big Bang theory, lols. It's in my own state I feel like I should know all the things and places! Which I don't, not even a little bit. Okay, maybe a little bit.

    2. the five year is for our wedding anniversary, just realized the five year vs ten year thing might be confusing... so really, visiting there would be for two dates. maybe i should edit that in...

    3. Sounds like a great post, do it! Yes I think the drunken horseback went badly for our friend who doesn't really ride horseback when sober! Was his wife (a horserider)'s idea. They're divorced now on a totally unrelated note. :-0

  2. This is an awesome list! I love it! (Admittedly, I am a little confused about the presidents thing, but then, I was taking a state capitals quiz and while I remembered a lot of them, I was also surprised how many I had to look up to make sure. So I guess there is something to be said for recapturing the basic education things we learned back in the day.)

    1. im still confused about the presidents thing. but i wrote it down for a reason (the only thing i can think of is I always say President Calvin Coolidge, cause he's my favorite, but don't ask why, don't know, if there is a time to say a presidents name for something and i think I need to branch out)

  3. Have you been speaking with the guys I work with? They, too, are learning the presidents in order. And one of them is tackling vice presidents, too. He's obviously an overachiever.

    1. Oh gosh, how random! I will be happy if i at least manage to memorize the first ten, maybe I'll work on the vice presidents another time ;)