Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Confessions 12-27-15

The United States of Becky

I confess: The alternate title for "First Time Getting Waxed" was "Don't Judge My Vagina"

I confess: Neil finally set off the fire alarm with shower steam. Not just me now!

I confess: Neil was perplexed when our new phones arrived and mine was gold. He was so sure he had ordered white. I said, well, it looks like white gold. D'oh. Lucky for him I really don't care about the color. Not sure why he thought I wanted white? Or cared about the white gold?


  1. Don't judge my vagina would've been an awesome title.
    You can set off the fire alarm with shower steam? Wow.

    1. yeah, who knew? before, we had the old alarms, with no batteries, ha so safe! but then my husband bought the new ones (which have one cool feature: a blue light turns on at night when you pass by one so instant night light), and they seem... sensitive. At least the noise is less harsh than the old ones, and it has a lady's voice with all the bing bonging. and they all set off at the same time. So if I set off the one downstairs, the one upstairs also makes noise. Not sure if the old ones did that too... The last time I set it off (oy), I rushed out of the shower to turn it off (it has a button to press in the middle) but it is above the door of my roommates. So I was desperately trying to cover myself with a towel while jumping as high as i could to press the button hoping that my roommate would not open the door. im an awesome roommate.