Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday Confessions: 12-20-15

I confess: Holy crap, is Christmas really this week???

I confess: Last Sunday, during the rain, Neil noticed a leak in the garage and traced it to the computer room upstairs. No help from me, I was looking for a leak on the wrong wall. Neil was like, how did you miss this??? I don't know, Neil, I don't know. It was still pouring while we were trying to figure out the source, so lucky me got to go explore the upstairs attic. You know, there is a partial table up there? I don't know how the previous owner got it up there, it's like he assembled it after getting the parts up there. My brother came over later to help us, and since the rain had stopped, he was able to see where the problem was. Bad seal on the window :( So I went up in the attic for nothing. Shane wanted to see if he could get the table out so I went up AGAIN to help, but the only way is to saw a leg off. Another day. I was much less nervous being in the tiny space with another person than by myself. And no spiders! Just cobwebs...

I confess: I used a Coca-Cola freestyle machine for the first time. Fun!

I confess: I lost my Star Wars goodie bags and had to order new ones from Amazon real quick. Ugh. Where the fuck did I put those??? I even made a box specifically for favor projects! Of course it's not in there. I hate past Heather sometimes.

I confess: My graphic header game is on point guys. Just wait and see. (I don't know what else to call the title images I make for some of my posts so... graphic header it is?)


  1. I can't believe it is Christmas this week either. I swear it was just Halloween.

  2. Replies
    1. i have to be pretty social for the holidays, and it stresses my introvert self out. it's fun, but also makes me anxious.