Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Confessions 12-13-15

The United States of Becky
I confess: I have a plan for the next three months of blog posts. Now just to actually do them.

I confess: I've been slacking at work. But in my defense, it's also kind of slow.

I confess: I didn't realize I bought so much for my younger sister for Christmas. Again. It just kind of happens?

  • popcorn popper
  • penzys spice gift box
  • lotion set
  • outfit
  • chocolates
  • starbucks gift card
  • madlibs
  • ice cream scoop
  • glassware

    I confess: I dyed my hair but missed some spots again. Super fail! I need to divide my hair into sections and do it that way I think... I also blame that it was very cold and I wanted to get into the shower as quick as possible.

    I confess: I love that my husband has embraced his color blindness. He went to the doctor for his cold that will not end, and the nurse asked him what color his mucus has been. She kept prompting him with various colors like green, yellow... maybe orange? Neil was like, hmm... maybe? Yes? Well, actually, I don't know, I'm color blind. The nurse immediately apologized and hoped she didn't offend him, this had never happened to her before! Neil thinks its cause most people with color blindness try to play it off, like he use to. He says I beat him down with my teasing ;) I can't help it, I have to keep asking him questions about it! He even feels comfortable to ask me for color help in video games now :)


    1. I have some ideas for upcoming posts, but no definite plan. Vague ideas, let's say.
      Dude, some people are just easier to buy for. My nephew, I could spend hundreds on, easily, because there are so many things I know he would love, or I see things and think of him. Generosity isn't a bad thing. :)

      1. I definitely find my sister VERY easy to shop for :)
        I have a handwritten note page on the next three months, and it seems pretty easy to do... but things come up. Like today. Trying to locate a leak on the house :( :( I'm hoping it's not a lot of damage and easy to fix...

    2. It's hard not to get carried away shopping for people we love, especially when we know what they like/need! I am struggling badly this year for the husband, he is so hard to shop for. Home hair dying is a b*tch, I get away with mistakes because giant fluffball head but I do miss having hair dying sessions with friends, when we were younger we always helped each other out. If I wrote half of the things I think about for the blog it would be pretty good! ;-)

    3. I remember giving my number to a guy in highschool. I wrote it in hot pink and he was very intrigued - I'd never seen anyone study the color like he was. Turns out he had total color blindness. Nothing came from me giving him my number, though

      1. ha! too bad the color intrigued him more :/ have you watched any videos of people trying on those glasses that lets them see (true) colors for the first time? i kinda want my husband to try some on :)