Thursday, December 31, 2015

Stuff I Did that wasnt on the 52 Things list

  • Vegas with friends
  • had several fire-pit/game nights
  • bought a juicer to utilize the lemons from our tree FINALLY
  • organized my closet and 
  • bought the petite hangers I've been coveting
  • did some deep cleaning and got rid of BOOKS even!
  • fixed/repaired paint damage in the upstairs bathroom
  • installed a new toilet
  • had some deep, bonding conversations with the husband
  • made a new friend
  • threw a Halloween party (and had new, different people show up!)
  • got a Brazilian wax done
  • and signed up for a years worth!
  • fed sea turtles
  • bought myself a light table
  • put up outside lights for Halloween
  • put up outside lights for Christmas
  • put up inside Christmas decor!
  • threw a Christmas party
  • finalized the no-children ever decision
  • saw Muse in concert
  • saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on opening day
  • took care of a coworkers kitties for two weeks
  • organized the alcohol a little bit more with a new cabinet
  • spruced up the kitty potty area
so it you add these 26 to the 26 off the other list... that's 52 items out of 80 things, which is about 65%... which in school that would be a 'D' grade, but in real life that's like over half, so good job me ;) Or something, ha.


  1. Pretty impressive! I'm especially envious of the feeding sea turtles and Vegas with friends! :-)

    1. i haven't bothered to write about vegas yet, but i keep meaning to! my husband set up a private tour at the aquarium and we got to go "backstage" and feed the turtles!!!!

  2. I love these! And hey, if it was baseball, you'd be the best batter in the history of the world.

    1. Woot, i will have to tell Neil the baseball thing, ha ;)