Monday, December 21, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Goodie Bags

My husband and our friend Jordan bought 16 tickets to see the new Star Wars movie on Thursday. Neil, Bob, and I got out of work at one to see how the lines were for the 8 o clock showing. Luckily, our line was only four people deep so we went across the parking lot to have lunch at Red Robin. I got the Keep it Simple burger in case anyone was wondering. 
Our waiter informed us that a few people had been there since 8 that morning and a few others had spent the night! Those lines were outside, but ours SO LUCKILY was inside! We were so worried about being cold for nothing :) 

We held the line for the next six hours as various people from our group trickled in. It was such a mad house once it got closer to the actual movie times. They had to give out numbers for the popcorn; they couldn't pop it fast enough! Whut. Neil says he had never seen the concessions so crazy before. Candy was in disarray and almost empty so I didn't get my whoppers, but at least they still had milk duds! Normally we get candy at Target, but we felt for this type of day, we needed to support the theater.

A local pizza place even provided free pizza and bottled water, at first I thought someone had purchased it but they set it up on a few tables around the various lines. 
This guy just wandered in and was playing his guitar.

Going to movies like this on opening day is a really different experience. Seeing everyone so excited, and dressed up, and clapping and cheering all at the same time during the film... it's a lot of fun :)
This was (part of) the line for the 10:30 showing. They had to wait outside in the cold!

Our group was very excited and were super surprised with the goodie bags! Well, the new people who don't normally go to the movies with me. My group already knows I put together treats for certain films ;)

I had purchased the plastic bags from Oriental Trading the first time around, but totally misplaced them and had to quick like order some new ones from Amazon a few days before Thursday. I still can't find the original ones... I even have a box designated for goodie bag stuff. I don't know about me sometimes, I really don't. Since I wasn't able to put these together on the weekend, my husband helped me after work on Wednesday. I don't like leaving things for the last minute but oh well!

Disney has really just gone wild with the merchandising for this franchise, so it wasn't difficult finding Star Wars themed candy. Really, I had to narrow it down!
Bags // Amazon

Candy // Candy Warehouse

As we were all walking to our cars, one guy from the group yelled out, "Okay, see you guys in two years!" Ha, you know, since that's when the next movie comes out. TOO LONG.


  1. I wish we could've gone to the midnight showing!! I love the excitement of opening nights!!! I remember seeing Episodes I, II, and III at the midnight showings and not having a problem getting tickets or excessive lines like I was expecting - the theatres were still full, but no camping out, ya know. Either was it was fun, those goodie bags are adorable, and I can't wait to see this movie!!!

    1. I really feel like there was more hype and excitement for this star wars then the ones that came out fifteen years ago. The whole nerd/geek culture has been becoming stronger :)

      The movie was good! There really wasn't too many times in the film it let you breath before the next action sequence.

  2. Oh wow, I haven't seen the Star Wars Pez dispensers over here, so cool! I misplace stuff all the time, am convinced I have a house elf who steals it!

    1. Yes, I have a house elf that steals as well! The last thing was the plug for the kitchen sink. Where oh where are you no idea.