Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: Books Read

So I don't know what I was thinking when I put the goal of reading 52 books a year. That is one a week! I think I was just too stuck on the number 52 and didn't think how daunting that would be for a reading list.

But I did manage to finish a good amount (a whole 26 by cheating and counting comic books)! In case you don't follow me on good reads, here are the ones I did get around to reading this year:

Game of Thrones #1 through #5
So glad I started watching the show FIRST, which isn't something I always say. So many characters and back story! I wonder what his plot outlines look like???

Far Side Complete Collection #1 through #3
Yeah, that's right. I'm counting comic books. TOTALLY counts. Won't even bother rating: far side is awesome, has always been awesome, will always be awesome.

Scott Pilgrim #1 through #5
LOVE the art style! There were a few things different than the movie (of course), and I think this is another example of depending on what form of media I digest first, I prefer. And I watched the movie first, so I kind of like that better. I was surprised at how much cooking featured in the comic, and Scott actually knows how to cook.

Jurassic Park
I was going to read the second book first, I found it one Neil's side of the bookcase and he was like, wait, did you read the first one? So he ordered the first one for me on my kindle. I found this a good read, EXCEPT FOR THE LITTLE GIRL. Kill her and let her die slow. Seriously. The only point to her character was to fuck things up and get the other characters in a bind. They made her a lot more useful in the movie.

The Lost World
Second book to Jurassic Park. Enjoyed it, and the kid characters were much less annoying, so there's that.

The Murder at the Vicarage
My husband got me a whole bunch of hard cover books with the most lovely illustrations. This was Agatha Christie's first novel, and I really enjoyed it. They included a brief summary of her life in the beginning of the book as well.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles
Another Agatha Christie... felt a little bit similar to the previous one, but still a lot of fun. I love me some Hercule Periot :) I think I want to get all the episodes on BluRay if they have it...

Breakfast at Tiffany's
I have not seen the film but after reading the book I am so surprised they thought to adapt it!!! Especially at the time that it was made. She is an escort and, uninhibited. Loved this book and the way it was written. Sad that she got rid of her cat though :(

How to Survive a Sharknado
Silly book Neil got in one of his loot crate boxes.

The Night Circus
This was written by someone that participated in Nanowrimo one year. It was... okay. I found myself a little bored by the ending. Had so much more potential!

Ready Player One
Another book from one of Neil's monthly boxes. Loved the concept, felt the end was meh. Is it a young adult novel? Because it felt like that once I reached the end.

Guys Can Be Cat Ladies Too
Another simple, silly book :) Very cute.

Blood and Chocolate
Why oh why was this on any of my lists to read??? I had it in my Amazon cart and bought it. Regret... so much regret. This was so awful. Yes, I finished it, but I really didn't want to.

The Psychopath Test
Interesting read, wanted more! Felt like it could have included more information somehow.

I love everything she writes, starting with the book Stiff. She lives in Oakland, which isn't far from where I live, so I really need to pay attention next time she has a book signing or something.

Neil Patrick Harris, Choose Your Own Autobiography
I cheated and just read it straight through like a normal book because I didn't want to miss any page :) This was a delight, and there is a recipe or two! If I ever wrote a book, I would totally include a recipe. There was a weird bit where he went on and on about a coworkers acne problem when they were teenagers...I was left feeling, why did he include that?


  1. I didn't realize there were Jurassic Park books! I think they watered down Breakfast at Tiffany's (the movie)a LOT. But you might like the cat treatment better! I think it would take me a whole year to read Game of Thrones (um like the first book!), think
    I will stick to the show! I would love to read Far Side again, I read most of the comics when I was too young to really get them I think.

    1. I feel like the character in the novel is pretty quirky, so I guess they liked that part enough to make a movie... just seems odd since I'm curious how did they address how she afforded her clothes and apartment? lols

      the complete far side is nice because there are some forwards and notes by Gary Larsen. I kind of wish more of the comics had a bit of explanation though ;) some seem to reference a current event that is no longer current!

  2. Hey, where are you on goodreads? I am on there as unitedstatesofbecky, naturally, but still just at the beginning of building my base of what I've read and rated and reviewed and such.

    1. can I just say that i love that all your social media is all cohesive with your blog name??? mine are all over the place. i'm trying to at least give them all the same profile photo...