Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Things I learned puppy sitting:

  • they poop. A LOT.
  • everything will smell like dog.
  • tiny teeth!
  • my cats hate dogs.
  • she will eat everything.
  • you think you picked up all the turtle poop? nope.
  • seriously, my cats hate this dog.
  • pay attention, she will give you five seconds to realize she needs to pee.
  • she pooped five times in one day. WHY SO MUCH POOP.
  • seriously though, the poop.
  • my husband will not pick up poop and will give you directions to where she pooped down the street.
  • or mark the backyard with sticks where she pooped.
  • she loves a heated blanket.
  • burying and unburying bones in the blankets and pillows is an all day thing.
  • she will act like she has never seen my roommate ever before and bark like crazy every time she opens her door.
  • mailman? bark.
  • cats coming down the stairs? bark.
  • bathroom door closing? bark.
  • saw something outside? bark.
  • using the microwave? bark.
  • ice maker making ice? bark.
  • so much water! i filled a dish and she drank all of it in one sitting.
  • doggy play date will not go well. i mean, not awful, but no playing will happen.
  • that cute face makes up for all the annoyingness :) :)
  • well, for me.
  • neil is so over puppy energy.


  1. Aww, sounds fun (if exhausting!) Am sure the cats are glad it was a temporary thing!

    1. It was incredibly exhausting! I slept on the couch with her so she wouldn't be too lonely and she spent most of the first night making a nest in my hair ;) it was an illuminating experience; I don't think my husband and I are ready for a puppy! maybe a dog that is past it's puppy stage...

  2. Aw, puppies are great! But much. work. And clingy and needy. I mean, enough with the guilt trip stares already.
    (Cats also smell better, like, I never have to wash my hands after petting the cat - unless cooking or something, of course. But dog smell on your hands is such a thing.) Anyway...yeah, puppies are fun...but oy.

    1. I love smelling my kitties, they smell so sweet! Dogs... have a dog smell, ha. I LOVE DOGS but I think a puppy isn't in my near future. Maybe one that is a year or older...

  3. Awwwwww. Why isn't there a rent-a-puppy place. I don't have the schedule for a dog, but I'd really like puppy/doggy snuggles every so often.

    1. Some of the colleges around here will bring puppies and petting zoos during finals weeks, to give the students a stress break :)