Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Confessions: 11-15-15

The United States of Becky
I confess: I started my actual Christmas shopping (not just planning) last week but I've done it in a way that I can't really start anything. I bought stockings but not stocking holders. I bought personalized labels, but not the containers they go on.

I confess: I'm kind of excited about the gift I'm putting together for the girls in my life, but I'm disappointed in myself because its a copy and not an original idea. So I feel like I shouldn't be that excited about it.

I confess: I like to think of myself (secretly) as a creative, but not out loud, because I have this feeling that if you are not a level 10 (from a scale of 0-10) in something, saying you are something gives people the idea you are a level 10, then they see that you are not THAT creative and think you are being, I don't know. Just over-stating things, I guess. So not like super judgmental, but questioning your labeling. And I'm not a level 10, because I couldn't even come up with my own unique idea for a Christmas DIY gift this year :(

I confess: I feel like I needed to think out that last confession a little bit more.

I confess: I don't feel like I'm feeling as negative as this post suggests.

I confess: I bought some holiday cards from snapfish last week while I was drinking so I hope the photo I picked and layout comes out as nice as it looked in my Bailey's haze.


  1. I think you are creative. Like you said - you don't have to be a level ten. I mean, I draw, right? I SUCK ASS, but I draw, therefore, in a sense, I am a draw-er. (According to Shawn, who is a fantastic artist.)

    1. you are a good draw-er! i wish i saved my moms "drawing" of a bikini from a game we were playing... omg it looked nothing like a bikini! that was the first time i saw someone try to draw something... and fail spectacularly. it was so amazing. my husband says i'm just hard on myself and sell myself short. (side note: my husband and I have an idea book in the car and there is an entry that just says "meat banana" and he says that is my idea because it makes no sense ;) why is there no context???)

  2. I can relate to not feeling like a "real" creative esp. when it comes to arty stuff - I tried making my own cards one year and most of them didn't make it because I stupidly glued glitter to the outside of the cards - I was so disappointed my hard work was for nothing I have never tried again! It sounds like you are VERY creative at thinking up cool ideas. So what if you got them somewhere else, you will execute them in your own style! Very few people put much thought into gifts at all, so in my book any forethought is indeed a creative one! Ah Bailey's I DO associate with Christmas, yum!

    1. i once made myself a bracelet for my pirate costume one year, but measured only my wrist, not the larger part of my hand that it would need to go over... yeah. so much time on something that ended up being too small. so frustrating!

      costco has it's own brand of baileys, which i have yet to try but i did buy, for a larger bottle size but like 7 bucks cheaper. i'm excited and i might stock up ;)