Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday Confessions 10-25-15

The United States of Becky
I confess: I've been in a cranky mood and it's worrying me because I am going to have to be social for a whole week.

I confess: Why you ask? I have a vacation coming up plus my Halloween party. Two things that should be fun. So get with it, Brain.

I confess: I may or may not have bought some more throw pillows from Costco. No, I do not have a problem.

I confess: I think a true test of a relationship is putting furniture together. Neil and I have put together another cabinet (moar organization!) and we did not fight. Much ;) More like, he gets frustrated that I don't immediately understand when he says: "move the thing from the thing over to the other thing to that other side and flip it." Neil, your instructions are not as clear as you think they are.

I confess: I may or may not have used a facial hair removal cream and left it on a tad too long because I got distracted by Reddit, and left a bright red mark. This may or may not have created a major freak out on my part that I was going to have a red mustache for vacation. (It dissipated after a few hours, thank god. You know, if it happened at all. I REFUSE TO ADMIT ANYTHING.)


  1. I do not assemble furniture. At all. I am a decently smart girl, but I am the girl who, if she was single, would have to ask her friends' husbands to come over and assemble my crap, because it does. not. happen.
    Once, I bought a swirly desk chair. It came in four pieces. Four friggin' pieces. I could not figure it out to save my life and my brother had to assemble it, which he did in about 5 seconds. It is one of those things I have a mental block in. So at least you can build?

    I have so been there with the hair cream. It was....not a pretty picture. I started watching a TV show and completely lost track of time and yeah, ended up with a red mark that was actually like a mild chemical burn, because I'd left it on WAY too long and the red mark took two DAYS to go away. And my skin was raw and kinda tender and it was a bad scene. So no depilating for this lady. Ever again. Because clearly I am not to be trusted.

    1. I actually don't mind putting together furniture...on my own. My husband has a different style, so I have calm ;) I like to clear/clean the space I will be working. Then gather all necessary tools. Then sort out and account for all the parts. Read the instructions. Place the parts in the right order of assembly. Begin work. Neil just starts taking everything out of the box, no real regard to work space, and gathers tools as we need them...uses his lap as a table... so many wrongs ;)

      I used the cream before and was good, second time, not so much. THANK GOD it went away. I was going to dye my hair before the trip too but nope. Do not pass go. Time out on the home chemicals, Heather.

  2. I refuse to comment on my struggles with body hair. I'll leave it at no woman should have to shave certain areas and I'm stuck needing to shave them - the hair is just too coarse for depilatories (and how I wish for the money for laser removal.....) I'm late to the game, but I hope your vacation was amazing!

    1. oh i agree that hair/no hair is a personal choice! i don't often try to get rid of the peach fuzz on my face, but i was thinking, hey, vacation, let's do it. i do have one hair that grows out the middle of my chin, that i call my beard, but its blond and hard to see in my bathroom. my husbands job is to spot it when we are in the car in the daylight.

      i have plans to post about the vacation, it was fun!