Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Closet: Before/After

My approach to home decorating is fairly non-existent. It doesn't come naturally to me, and I'm constantly second guessing any permanent or expensive fixtures to the house such as furniture (hence why I have no bedroom furniture) or anything that would hang up on the wall, like artwork or photos. I also hate making holes in the wall, and I feel you have to get it RIGHT the first time to prevent more unneeded holes, so hanging stuff makes me anxious.

Choosing items come with so many decisions! Colors? Theme? How large? With what? Which room? What wall? How high??? Anything you use to decorate is an extension of yourself, and I'm always thinking, what am I trying to say about myself? Is this really me? Like, I found an adorable flamingo print (I know, I know), but did I like like it? Did I like it on my walls like it? Did I like it five years in the future like it? Too many questions!!!

This is why our house has a Disney art wall and a wrestling wall (both my husband's taste), and no wall of my own (I'm not counting our huge wedding photo, that is a joke that no one gets but makes me laugh) because my husband knows what he likes. No questions, no doubt.

My previous method was to buy a bit here and there for random rooms (all items being inexpensive, easily replaced, and just essentially non-committal). Some throw pillows for the couch, a shower curtain for the downstairs bathroom to cover the ugly shower doors (one I'm still not too thrilled about, but does a shower curtain need to thrill me?), a chair for the computer room (which has now been torn to bits on one side by the devil kitty that will not be named but you know who she is)... I realized that this method made everything a little bit better, but also left everything in decorating limbo and myself a bit frustrated. I finally decided to focus my efforts on one room (or project) at a time and only move on once it was "finished" (because is anything ever really finished?).

I decided to choose my "closet" (I know I look like I'm over using quotation marks and maybe I am, but it really isn't a closet, just a corner of a room that I've turned into my closet) as my first project. It would involve the least amount of choices (my nemesis!) and items to purchase so it seemed the perfect starting place.
First I bought all new petite hangers to replace my slim line ones. This led to a problem of needing more space to hang everything, since the hangers, though petite for my clothes, were now taking up a bit more room on the bars. So instead of just two closet fixtures, I needed three. Since the hangers were already a bit of cash monies, I spaced out purchasing the fixtures. With each purchase, I also bought some cloth storage containers to help with the organizing. I moved my sleepwear that was in Neil's dresser in the other other room to this corner as well, so that all of my clothes were now in the same spot.

Even though I did a bit of a closet purge, I feel like it's exploded a bit. My husband has bought me a dozen or so new graphic tees this year, and then Boden had a 30% off sale... But let's blame the fat hangers.
I saw this mirror at Costco and it was exactly like the ones I've been looking at online but a fraction of the price. This mirror was only $100! My roommate took me after work so we could use her truck to bring it home. She is so awesome that way.

My husband had bought some boxes that he was thinking of using for organizing his paperwork, but ended up going with a file cabinet instead, so I appropriated them for my closet. One has the extra hangers I bought and the other has a bunch of handbags.

The rug was a kitchen rug we had bought for our previous apartment. Our baby kat, Izze, fell in love with it and it was the saving grace of her getting comfortable with the new home. As soon as I unrolled it for her the first week here, on a whim (I was going to put it in the kitchen, you know, the logical spot), she immediately latched onto it and it became her "safe" place. She always runs up the stairs and rolls onto this rug so I can't move it or replace it just yet. I have to deal with it for now. I'm hoping once I find a more suitable closet rug, she will love it just the same. So you see, still not finished.

(And I have added a little shoe storage thing since taking these photos...)
Closet fixtures: Amazon
Hangers: Only Hangers
Lingerie Dresser: (bought over 10 years ago) Home Decorators
Rug: Lowes
Jewelry Tree: (Gift)
Cloth storage containers: Amazon

Next project: Downstairs bathroom!


  1. Ooh - very nice! I like how in the first picture, there are pet food bowls in front of the mirror - deliberately trying to wig out the cats? ;)
    The new mirror - oh my goodness - love it! Such a great mirror. A really good transformation.

    1. My cats have never reacted to any mirrors so I never thought about it? That mirror wasn't always in that place, it was light so I would move it around the room, but I did place it there often :)

      That mirror...was a challenge getting home. My coworker/roommate helped me get it. It was awkward, we were awkward.

  2. I live in a rented apt. so have major envy for anyone who can decorate anything with permanence. That amount of clothes storage makes me pee myself, I live like a hobbit! I really really want to see your giant wedding pic now, it sounds awesome!

    1. It's really a crazy amount of space that I have to play with, and yet I dress everyday in jeans and graphic tees so know one would ever guess. I'm about to take down the wedding photo, but it's on my instagram. My husband bought a replica Captain America shield so that is about to go up instead. Personally, I like that idea much better, the huge wedding photo seems so narcissistic! I might do a before/after photo of the switch, haven't decided yet.

  3. I love open closets like this! I have a TON of clothes, and I mean like a truly obscene amount of clothes and organizing them in our new house has been a challenge. I have a large 6 drawer dresser, two closets, and a smaller 4 drawer lingerie dresser and I STILL don't have room for everything. And don't even get me started on where to put my shoes - most of them are still in boxes and I have to dig through them whenever I want to wear them. I fantasize about having an entire room for a closet.

    1. WOW that is a ton of clothes! Makes me feel better :) There was a thread on r/femalefashionadvice on closets, and the photos of other peoples closets were so minimal! like, MAYBE fifty items total. I am trying to wear my items more often, I have a lot of skirts left over from my retail days and its just not convenient for my work or home life now. But they are too cute to get rid of! So I am trying to dress up more more when we go out to the movies and such, even though it feels a bit ridiculous.