Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ya gotta read...

Miles from Ordinary did a blog post on a list 10 books she's read that have been influential to her life, have moved her, or stayed with her in some way. I thought that was a pretty nifty idea so I snagged it, and cobbled together my list. Mostly I just made my list from books often read. I must keep re-reading them for a reason?

In no particular order, my ten:
  1. Cruddy: This book has some seroius fucked up family dynamics. Takes place in the 70's, has drugs (of course), murder... all with some nifty illustrations. I had no idea of the author when I got the book, but apparently she has a comic strip. I really like that the main character isn't attractive, that I think is an unusual thing. I've read books where at the very "worst" the main character is "plain."
  2. An Egg on Three Sticks: Another book that takes place in the 70's! And follows a teenage girl! The setting for this one is actually in my area, which I feel adds a little something extra since it makes it feel more real. The girl is going through puberty while also trying to handle her mom going in and out of a mental institution for attempted suicide.
  3. PopCo: An anti-establishment book. There are puzzles! And a recipe! The ending is a bit meh (homeopathy, really? ugh) but I like the journey. 
  4. The Sparrow: I was assigned this book for reading my senior year of High School. I didn't understand everything in the book, but I loved it so much I bought the sequel a few years later. The first has a priest that is raped by aliens, so there's that.
  5. Midnight is a Place: One of my books from my childhood. Takes place during the industrial revolution in England and follows an orphaned boy trying to solve a mystery.
  6. Izzy, WIlly-Nilly: My mom bought this book for me one Christmas when I was about fifteen I think. She has a really good talent of picking out books for other people. I didn't really relate to the main character, but more the girl that she befriends (probably because of the frizzy hair). The main character ends up in a car accident which leads to her leg being amputated while she is trying to finish her last year of High School.
  7. Behind the Attic Wall: Another childhood book, this one follows an orphan girl (aren't they always orphans!) who is adopted by ex-boarding school mistresses. The girl finds a hidden room with talking dolls.
  8. The Iron Dragon's Daughter: I don't get this book entirely, but I love it still. I think it's because I don't normally read fantasy? I like books that make me puzzle over it, sometimes you don't want easy reading. It might be easy for you! I just have a hard time trying to wrap my brain around someone else's fantasy land. I should see what else he has written...
  9. The Crimson Petal and the White: This takes place in Victorian London and is about a Prostitute that is writing a book and accidentally falls in love. (I'm trying to write these synopsis purely from memory and it's cracking me up trying to be succinct about it. I'm making these sound weirder, I think)
  10. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime: I had no idea that the title of this book was a line from a Sherlock Holmes story (until I read all of them)! I feel like that was suppose to be obvious, oh well. I got there! The math puzzle in this is illustrated better (literally! lol) than the PopCo book (why is this puzzle in both books???). This is written from the point of view from an autistic teenage boy trying to figure out who killed the neighbors dog.

I have read all of these a few times, some more than others (mostly because I've had some longer than others), and will continue to re-read them. They just seem to make the rotation! If you decided to read them and/or buy them, and hate them, um, sorry? I usually don't like to recommend books because they can be such a personal thing, and I have learned (and keep relearning) that my tastes can be a bit specific (at least six of these books have sex scenes, now that I think of it. Not like OVERT but, some yeah. I feel like a weirdo now).


  1. Hooary! I'm glad you did this series.
    I love seeing what books people picked for their list. I'll definitely be adding a couple of yours to my "to read" list!

    1. :) Let me know once you read any...my husband tells me I like weird stories ;)

  2. I am going to have to add some of these to my (never-ending) to-be-read list.

    1. Oh I know how that goes! I have a billion samples on my kindle that I kind of like, but need to do more research on. I've bought a couple thinking I'd like it then ugh, no. Like one, the sample was all about a guy finding a baby in the woods and finding the real parents, and then trying to be in the kids life. Sounds intriguing... the book was actually about the kid becoming a boxer. What.

  3. Great post idea, might steal it myself! I have never read any of these, I like the sound of a few of them. Kept meaning to read The Curious Incident but never got around to it. I think they made Crimson Petal and the White into a BBC thing if I'm not mistaken, might be on PBS?

    1. Oh, I will have to check that out! I've been watching Mr. Norrel and Mr Strange (sp?) and saw the book at the bookstore... but wasn't sure if I wanted to add it to my collection just yet.