Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Confessions 8-9-15

The United States of Becky
  • My preferred state at my house is just in my undies. Since I have a roommate, this isn't always feasible, but if I stay upstairs, I'm most likely in just my boy shorts.
  • Cleaning the shower is easier naked, so I save that chore last, usually. Clean the shower, then take a shower.
  • I finally finished cleaning my closet area, my husband is so lovely and didn't complain. Just would try to encourage me to finish ;) I can be such a slob sometimes! I think if he was living alone, the house would actually be cleaner most of the time. Not that he cleans, just he doesn't really have sloppy habits. Or cooks. So no dishes either ;)
  • I just started playing Sims 4 again, and with the new updates omgod the game play is 1000% better. At least, my memory of first playing it was frustration and playing it now was such a breeze. I really do think they changed the way you place the roof on buildings. Or I was just a moron. Either is possible.
  • My husband is already planning another vacation and we haven't even gone on the next one yet, that is already paid for. He does seem to get depressed when there isn't anything to "look forward to" in the future. But... we already have a trip planned! Maybe he also likes the planning process. I do not. I try not to be annoyed when he sends me tons of links all day because it's for a fun thing but ugh.
  • If I were a sim I think my traits would be: annoyed easily, couch potato, crazy cat lady. Life ambition: log in a million internet hours.


  1. I'm kind of a vacation dreamer/plotter too, it keeps me going! I am also the slob in my house, if my husband had his way our sh*t would be way more tidy but we've learned to compromise on clutter!

  2. Hmm...I love dreaming of vacations, but I never actually even fictionally plan any, I just daydream in my head of all the things I'm going to see and do. I don't like to work with an actual budget in my daydreams and a trip is not realistic for us right now.
    I always clean the shower last, too! I don't do it naked, I just usually am super sweaty and stinky already by then, so that's the last thing I do and then shower up and it feels super good.

    1. I'm good at planning super short and simple things, like I have an overnight trip planned with my sister soon. It's low budget and not far and not long ;) But I don't plan those things very often. I really like my routine and schedule, so it's hard for me to think of things to deviate from it. I like going on trips, as long as someone else plans them and I don't get anxiety from having to figure out what I'm doing ;) I'm happy being the mindless sheep!