Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday Confessions 8-2-15

The United States of Becky

Because one post about this toilet wasn't enough! 

So not only was it missing a piece so we've had to have the top of the tank open so we can flush it (which Toki loves, she thinks we've added a new water dish for her), this new toilet is shorter than the last one which has exposed a bit of wall that wasn't painted (well, it looks like it was painted, and then they installed the toilet when the paint was still wet, and the toilet got pressed against the paint removing it?). I knew we had some paint left over from the remodel so I cover the toilet in an old towel, gather supplies (paint stirring stick, paint brush, sandpaper, paint) and start prepping the wall. 

It was uneven so I sanded it, wiped it down (I don't really know what I'm doing, I just am going off what makes sense) and then try to open the paint can. It's pretty stuck. Neil helps, and with a lot of finangling, we get it open. Oh. That should have been clue two that the paint was old and unusable. The first clue was hello, the remodel was done four years ago. 
I had to put all my supplies away and try to figure out how to get a paint chip so we can get a new gallon of paint. I just sanded it all smooth so this area was a no go! Luckily we remembered that there was a huge problem with the paint in the upstairs bathroom (we don't use that bathroom tub any more because of the drought so it's easy to forget that little corner) so I was able to peel off a pretty good chunk. 
I mean, obviously I was able to get more than a chunk. I decided since I started it, I would just peel off all of the problem paint and try to fix it. Emphasis on try. I'm not exactly little Miss Handy. Which is too bad, since I have this fixer upper with lots of things that need fixing.


  1. Ha ha - I love these house fixing stories!

    1. I will post some after photos then, once i finish painting :)