Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Confessions 8-30-15

The United States of Becky

Bathroom Wall
I think it came out better than expected (expected=awful, so the bar was low); mostly it's a textural difference that you can see in real life. I think photos always make everything look better.

Vague Post Update
Sorry about doing that, I should have just waited! I didn't want to say too much until I knew how it husband got a vasectomy last Friday. He is still a bit sore, but it seems to be healing well. My new job is "ball checker" ;)

Friday Night
My introvert self got a much needed evening to herself! Husband was out playing poker with friends and roommate was out of town! Gosh it's so great. I don't know how introverted mama's do it, you don't really get a break from kids. I WANT EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT TO BE MINE. Ha.


  1. I agree pics always make things look better, your wall looks fine to me! Glad your husband's surgery went well and hope the um... ball checker duties go as well as can be expected! I would so love a night all to myself, it sounds terrible but I do wish my hubby would get a hobby so I could have some me time! I don't know how Mom's do it either, yesterday I hung out with my nieces for one day and my whole body is sore from running around after them, picking them up, all that fun stuff, it's exhausting! ;-0

    1. My husband can be a bit of a weenie with pain so he is doing pretty well I think. He looked online and read that some people experience pain twice as long as the doctor says so I hope that isn't true...

      I'm thankful my husband has a few hobbies that I'm not involved with. Today he had a fantasy football draft, so I had another few hours alone :)

  2. Bathroom wall did come out great. Very nice. Ball checker. Heh.