Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday Confessions 7-19-15

The United States of Becky
I have realized I'm not a coffee snob, coffee is coffee. I just recently bought some instant, 3 in 1, cappuccino packets from the Asian grocer and I love them. It has the coffee, sweetener, and creamer all in one little packet. Just add hot water! My friend from Korea had some at her house and I just thought it was the best thing ever. I do not go to Starbucks because one: it is not convenient for me and two: it is expensive! and three: I do not drink coffee that often to make it a thing. But I will say, based on smell alone (from my coworkers coffee), that Mc Donalds coffee is better than Jack in the Box. Yes I can smell the difference ;) I have not actually tasted either, but my coworker does prefer the Mc Donalds and is amused when I can guess which place she has bought it from! Now she just makes her own coffee so no smell game for me. I feel like I have shared this story before... I'm getting old...

Despite owning a home and being closer to 40 than 20, I have college level shit going on. Dining room table: from my sister from a friend from who knows where. Mixed matched chairs, some being the patio chairs. Window coverings for upstairs? Towels. Night stands? Filing cabinet and ex-shoe storage. TV stand? Old end tables. I have plans for new furniture, of course, but that stuff is expensive and I don't want to buy stuff that is good enough for now. Why spend money twice? I have tried to buy a new dining room table, but apparently my husband has strong opinions on it (who knew! /s) but I understand because the table mostly gets used for poker.


  1. I feel a little better now, actually, because Shawn & I have the college-aged shit happening. A lot of stuff is actually the build-it-from-a-box stuff and not even the good stuff, but like, Walmart. I genuinely like Target's furniture, but that shit can be expensive. Someday. Hmm...dreaming of "nice" furniture - my fancy life! :)

    I'm kind of with you on the coffee thing. Well. I'm a bit of a snob - or more, picky, we should say.
    Like, I actually really enjoy Folgers, but not ALL the blends. You have just inspired my next post.

    1. I thought that my post about my throw pillows was a bit misleading about how the rest of my house actually looks ;) So I'm glad it made someone feel better! All of my bookcases are Ikea, some put together better than others. Neil and I have gotten better about working together... but we still have slightly different styles of doing so. But yeah, upstairs is so not as put together as downstairs. I had to buy more towels because I was using all of them to cover windows,ha.