Monday, July 13, 2015

Another Liebster round of questions!

I was nominated for a Liebster award by Steff from Deep Greens and Blues! Since I've done so many, I don't think I could possibly come up with any new facts about myself or connect you with any new blogs. So I'm just going to answer the questions...

1.Who is your favorite musician?
I don't think I really have any favorites per se... Right now if Muse went on tour I would totally go see them. And I would love to go see Rise Against again, they are always good. Are they touring again? I depend on my husband to tell me these things.

2. Do you believe in love at first sight? 
I kind of think my husband had this with me. Not sure if I'd call it love, but definitely an infatuation. I've never had it. With a guy and romantic intentions anyway. In high school I use to pass by a girl on the way to PE class and she just seemed so cool I wish I was her friend and I would stare at her a little too much. I became friends with that girl despite never having any classes with her, and not from my own devices. The world works out weird sometimes. But I totally girl crushed on her from the first sight.

3.What's your happiest childhood memory (um or any happy memory!)?
My mom use to always plant tomatoes, and one year she planted like three rows of them and they grew into this square canopy. I would crawl into the square and breath in the tomato leaf smell and listen to the tomato worms crunching away, with the light filtering through all soft like. It was so tranquil and hit all the senses so perfectly. I'd sit there and day dream or read.

4. What is something you have done that you are proud of?
Buying this house. It's like the most grown up thing I've ever done. I never in a million years thought I'd be a home owner and yet here I am. Sometimes I just keep looking around me still weirded out that this is mine. I sometimes feel like it isn't, and feel super weird buying and decorating for it. Some people right away put things up on the walls and paint stuff and move things around and nest their hearts out. But a piece of me feels like I need permission?

5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? (And if you don't like ice no, I can't deal with that! ;-)
I usually buy vanilla cause you can doctor that up any way you are feeling. Brown sugar and whiskey? Magic shell? Gobs of caramel? Mini gummy bears? Instant coffee? Molasses? Ground pepper? (Seriously, my brother does this). I usually want to buy something coffee flavored, but then I have to keep in mind when I'm going to eat it, and who wants to be restricted when it's ice cream time! Not me.

6. If you could live anywhere in the world other than where you are, where would it be?
Right now I think I would like to try out New Zealand. Its super far like Australia but without all the things trying to kill you, and they speak English. It just looks so lovely there.

7.  If you could only take one book to a desert island what would it be?
Blank, so I could draw and write in it. I'm going to guess I'm going to be pretty bored. 

8. Do you believe in God or some other life force/spiritual belief system?
I... feel like this warrants it's own post.

9. What's your star sign and do you buy into astrology?
I'm a libra and I don't buy into astrology, but gosh is it fun. Its just one of those things that I like to learn about even though its so bogus. I have a huge book that lists every day of the year, The Secret Language of Birthdays, and I use to refer to it as soon as I met someone new and found out their birthday.  My day is "The Day of the Incorrigibles", how awful sounding is that. The first line is "Unlike most people, those born on [this day] simply live their lives and behave the way they wish to." I'm suppose to like danger and be super into family. Ha. My husband is "The Day of the Protective chronicler" and part of the first line says "it is important to them that others know what they think" and that couldn't be any truer. My husband has opinions and you will know them. On my page it says I have to be careful with coffee and alcohol and his page says he needs to be careful with food. So that is amusing. Ask me for your page! I will try to scan it for you.

10. Why did you start blogging? (Going to include this one again because I like it!)
To stay connected with my friend Katrina. She lives a bit far and I don't drive, so it can be awhile before we see each other. This way she can keep up with my life, since I forget all the little things after awhile.

11. Is there a hobby or something else that you enjoy that you think is unique/not popular among anyone else you know?
I like to make little favors, but I think it's only a bit odd for me because most people seem to do it for their kids parties. 


  1. I enjoyed this. The tomato plant thing sounds absolutely wonderful! I kinda like the smell of tomato plants even though I don't like tomatoes at all. It seems like a lovely little nesting thing though. Mmm.
    Ha - you are more intense about ice cream than I am. I do buy vanilla if I feel like I want to pour chocolate and spanish roasted peanuts on it. I don't really gussy it up with things like liquor or coffee or gummy bears. I do love a good zombie sundae and if I go out, I think my default favorite is the turtle. cream. b-day is May 22. I'd love to see my page. :)

    1. Tomato plant smell is very different from tomato smell, at least my younger brother and I think so.

      Ice cream is my LYFE. Ha. Even in winter (your summer I'm guessing, lols) I like to eat ice cream. Bundled up and in front of the heater... but still doable. Also, fun fact, I have never experienced an ice cream headache. Have no idea what that is like. I get "cold throat" where my throat gets too cold to keep eating it, but that is not painful, just an annoyance. MUST EAT ALL THE ICE CREAMS.

    2. oh and i will totally get on trying to scan you bday page for you!

    3. you have to log in with your facebook, but once you put in your birthdate, it brings up exactly what I have in my book! You are the day of "The Serial Epic"

    4. Well...there was definitely a lot there about me as an individual that seemed surprisingly accurate, and same with my hubby - but when I compared us as a relationship it said basically we were doomed and it was a terrible match especially in love, except in rare cases. I guess we're the rare case. What fun, though. :)

  2. Sorry I'm just seeing this now! I love your memory of the tomato plants too, it's amazing how simple moments like that can stick with us :-) You are seriously creative with the ice cream, impressed! I'm more like "Why haven't Ben & Jerry thought up something new this year I like wah!" - um well that's probably not even true but we don't get many flavors here in the U.K. so I'm sick of the ones we do get! I like your love at first sight one being about a girl crush/ wannabe your friend type thing too, that's sweet. I am mixed with the astrology too, I mean the rational side of my brain knows it's gobbledydook, but my Mom had those awesome Linda Goodman's books when I was growing up and I read them all cover to cover so I do enjoy it.Your book sounds awesome, I want it! I'm January 8th if you are taking requests! (I share a b-day with Elvis so it might read "You will die passed out on a toilet eating peanut butter and banana sandwiches!"

    1. Ice cream and me are no joke ;) I prefer to buy plain flavors because usually there is one of the add in junks I don't like, so I prefer to custom make mine.

      I love that you said gobbledygook, my husband calls that a "white person word" same as higgledy-piggledy or catawampus :)

    2. I've been having problems with my scanner, my husband has to keep helping me (it will scan a page but scan it has several different pages, so each image gets its own page???) BUT i found the website that has all the info online already!

  3. Oh cool I will check it out thanks! I use plenty of white person words, I think I'm kind of a dork that way!