Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sunday Confessions (on a Tuesday) 6-2-15

The United States of Becky
I was out of town for the weekend and my husbands weight loss derailed a bit. Hes a little bummed, but I don't think its a big deal. Just need to refocus this week! My roommate did ask me about it since she saw a pizza box on the counter Saturday night ;) Although I feel for him, I am a tiny bit glad that I am needed to help him. I feel like I have put a lot of work into this so it's nice to feel a little validation.

I have a hard time sleeping in places that are different from my own bed. I didn't realize it was a thing because I very rarely sleep other places. But it keeps becoming more apparent... Like at my dads, I think I got about four hours of sleep each night despite being really active. I need to figure out how to fix this...

I'm so tired from this weekend, I was giving Neil my order for Taco Bell and as I started to say "chalupa" I paused... and asked, wait, is that right? Chalupa??? Neil looked at me strangely and was like, um, yeah, you order that all the time. It just didn't seem right!


  1. I feel like a great deal of Taco Bell's menu is just made-up random words. I don't know, but that's what it seems like.
    I'm not sure about if I have trouble sleeping in places other than home....thanks for linking up, too! :)

    1. They are weird words, there is an ICP little vignette about ordering a non-food item, made up word, not sure if it's a comment on the weirdness or not. Yes, I use to listen to ICP. That should be a confession...

    2. Mmmmmm, Taco Bell.....

      You're a Juggalo?!!?

    3. WAS! Not currently!!! God, embarrassing enough having that in my past ;) I was never super into it like painting my face and going to the festival thing (my ex painted his face all the time, not just for concerts and went to the summer gatherings). I still like some of the songs, but I don't follow them that closely or even know when new music comes out.