Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Confessions 6-28-15

Double Penis
So of course I was talking about the mico-penis with a coworker and the next day she told me that she had to google it as soon as she got home. She had never heard of that condition before and was intrigued. So I say... intrigued to hear about another condition? Like a double penis? She gave me a look like yes, but no, but yes. So I shared an AMA from Reddit last year :) :) We were giggling so much I had to share with another coworker. We are so glad there are no cameras in our office, they would think we were dick obsessed. I swear I'm not. Really.

I started following Chris Pratt on Instagram (because really, why not?) and I was going through his older photos and he had posted one of his weight. Before he started losing weight for his Guardians of the Galaxy role, he weighed almost 300 pounds!!! I was so surprised because he really didn't look that big in Parks and Rec. I check online and he is 6'2, so that makes sense. Though, checking google images, his before and after photos are pretty different. I sent the Instagram photo to my husband, because that is pretty much my husbands height and weight (well weight from a few months ago). He thought that was funny because a coworker had just brought up Chris Pratt the day before telling Neil that it was basically him. So now Neil is calling his goal weight the "Pratt Target" since he is hoping to get down to the same weight (230-240). So far he is down about 35 pounds since I started tracking his weight, but almost 40 pounds since his heaviest in December. Go, Neil! Halfway there :) :)

I was going to do a confession on a bit of my sex life... then felt a little weird about it. I thought the few people that do read my blog would be like, REALLY? NO1CURR SO GROSS. Even though it's my blog and I can write what I want, it kind of gave me pause so I figured I'll just save it for later. It's not an intimate detail, it's fairly benign as I feel sex stories go. So I will share one of my coworkers that I feel is kind of the same level: she was late from lunch because she went home to have sex with her husband. I thought that was really funny and amazing that she was able to fit in the drive to and from, and only be a little bit late (I think it was no more than 15 min?). Our lunches are only 30 min by the way. So all that in 45 minutes? You go girl.


  1. Ahhh double penis omg? I can't even! I love Chris Pratt since waaay back, from a show called Everwood. He was kind of the young goofy hunk on that so I wasn't super surprised when he transformed into his present movie star buff-dom. Glad he is inspiring your hubby, it's cool Pratt has been so open about his weight loss journey, I bet it has helped a lot of other men. I almost did a TMI period related confession (I held back, maybe next week, way less intriguing than a sex one though! ;-0)

    1. The double penis is something I never never knew was a thing, so it was very surprising to read about.

      I will have to check out Chris Pratts older stuff! I kind of did it all backwards: first Guardians then Parks and Rec.

      Well, if you do a TMI next week i'll do a TMI ;) and then we can see if its really TMI or we are just being too cautious!!

    2. (Off to Google!...) As for Everwood, It's a gentle, hokey yet strangely addictive show about a New York brain surgeon whose wife dies and he brings his kids to a podunk town in Colorado (I think - can't remember! Somewhere pretty and mountainous anyway!). Kind of like a modern Waltons town with added snark of the New Yorkers. Also stars Emily Thorne (whats her name gah) from Revenge and Treat Williams as the Dad. Pratt's character gets bigger as the show goes along (I've actually never seen the final season). Total love it or hate it thing I think but worth a look for seeing him in his baby faced days! tmi isn't actually that bad, wondering if I can up the gross/weird factor as don't want to leave you hanging!

      btw I was tagged in this Leibster chain award/ q and a thing and I am tagging you if that's ok! If not just ignore it! Will post in next day or so.)

    3. i will ask my husband to add the everwood to our queue, have to at least give it a try.

      most likely i will repsond to the leibster award thing, just depends on the questions. but i really like answering questions :)

    4. Hi Heather it's up now if you feel like it! If not no worries :-) xo