Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Netflix Me

Parks and Rec
Neil and I waited until the show ended to binge watch it. We had to catch the last season on Hulu which was annoying because their commercial set up is so awful. But the show! The first season wasn't as great as the rest, but I feel it really hit it's stride by the end of season two. We are thinking of re-watching it now that we've finished, it was that funny. Treat yourself!
Danger 5
I don't even know where to begin with this one. It's so bizarre it just sucks you in. You can't believe what you are watching so you keep watching... I will just quote an article on why you should be watching this show:
it’s one of the best post-modern sendups of WWII comic books, Sean Connery-era James Bond spy flicks, badly dubbed Japanese monster movies, shoddy Saturday morning puppet shows, ’60s swinger cocktail parties, and above all, lurid pulp magazine covers with naked damsels in distress menaced by Nazis and giant mythical creatures.
At the end of each episode, Hitler escapes through a window. And I kind of want to make all the dying drink recipes.

Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt
Another show that after watching the first episode, I was like, what did I just watch? It's just funny enough to watch the next episode, and by then the characters start growing on you. At least for me. Kimmy and Xanthippe get into insult fights which are pretty hilarious. One of my favorite lines so far? 
2090 called: You're dead and you wasted your time on earth.
 This show makes more sense than Danger 5, but is still pretty weird. But I think I like it?


  1. I agree with you on Kimmy Schmidt. It's like..."WTF?" But you just keep watching and laughing and also being like..."Um, what?" Still.
    I'm not sure about Parks & Rec. I watched the first couple episodes of the first season and it didn't really seem funny to me at all. So...hmm.

    1. With Parks and Rec, I really didn't care for the first few episodes... also, i think they changed Leslie Knopes character after season one because a lot of people felt she came across as really dumb.

    2. It gets better!!! Parks and Rec is AMAZING!!! But I, too, didn't like the first few episodes.....now, it's one of my all time favorites.

  2. Oh I really need to watch the last few seasons of Parks & Rec! We can only get Amazon on our t.v. right now though, suckage. Saw a panel with the cast where they talked about how they admitted the show didn't find it's footing until season two, I didn't mind season one but I can see why people say that. Kind of the same with The American Office.

    I don't think they've shown Kimmy Schmidt here yet but I like the actress in other things I've seen and it's got Tina Fey behind it so it's definitely on my radar! Never heard of Danger Five before, sounds...interesting!