Thursday, May 7, 2015

Too Faced

 This isn't a sponsored post! Promise. I bought a little set from Sephora that included these two items last year and I really love them! The lip insurance really makes gloss and lipstick apply better and the Too Faced glamour gloss (Sex Pot) is such a lovely color. I like the sponge applicator as well. I'm not a makeup guru at all but I like to find stuff that is easy to apply and looks nice. I want to get more of the gloss, maybe try some other colors.


  1. that does look like good stuff. i'll check it out.

    1. i'm a fan of too faced, buxom, and urban decay, but that could be due to packaging as well. i'm a sucker for that ;)

  2. Ooh...pretty. Do you find the gloss is sticky?

  3. i would say it has a slight stickiness to it, like when a chapstick is a bit warm when you apply it and its a little more than you normally put on. If that makes sense. Its also suppose to be a plumping lip gloss so there is a bit of a tingly feel to it. I can't vouch for if it actually plumps up my lips, but i like the tingle.