Monday, May 11, 2015

Squirrel Girl

 My husband and I were trying to figure out who in our group would be what superhero/villain. At first we were just doing superheros, most specifically the Avengers, and Neil was wondering who he would be. I asked who was left and he said Captain America, the Hulk... Immediately I said no way would you be Captain America, sorry. He's too... good. Not that my husband is a bad guy, I just feel if he had super powers... that would change the game. So that made me think Neil would be more of a villain, like Loki. 

We broadened the choices and decided he would probably start off as an anti-hero type like Dead Pool, then start being a villain like Loki. Cause you know, power mad. So then I asked him who I would be. He paused a bit, then said: Squirrel Girl. Whut. Apparently she is a real character and he didn't just make it up.

He starts to list her "powers" (which some MAKE NO SENSE) and said that even though she is totally ridiculous, she actually has beat some of the more powerful characters, like wolverine. Seriously??? There is no way in real life that a squirrel would beat a wolverine.

Her special attributes/skills:

  • Buck teeth for chewing through wood (um, squirrels don't chew through wood that I know of?)
  • A prehensile squirrel tail (squirrel tails are NOT prehensile)
  • Speaks/Understands the squirrel language
  • Super human strength and agility (can leap several stories high)
  • Enhanced sense of smell
  • Retractable knuckle spikes in addition to sharp claws
So that led me to doing a Google image search on her. Her costume is just god awful! And the cosplays are even worse. She definitely needs a costume redesign. Unfortunately her tail has to be included (part of her special skills), and her... nut sacks/utility belt.
I decided to try my hand at re-imagining her look. How hard could it be? Pretty hard actually, since this is NOT the sort of thing I draw. Really, nothing is really what I draw since I'm out of practice but this is really out of my realm of expertise. I stopped trying after awhile. It was just coming out just awful. I wanted to draw her with a top that had a hoodie with ears on it, pants, and a utility belt/bag that went around her waist and attached at the leg. It was not coming out the way I wanted. So I drew a squirrel instead. It's at the top because it's the superior drawing.


  1. OH - EM - GEE. This was AWESOME!!! I loved everything about this post. Everything. (The drawings are cute - and you are right, she so needs a costume re-design. Maybe a few options for changing seasons.) I ended up getting sucked into the whole world of the GLA and reading all about them. Wow. Thank you for this.

    1. my husband seems to know SO MUCH COMIC BOOK stuff. after the new avengers movie, he was happily answering my younger brothers and his friends questions about what might happen, what marvel left out, la la la. like how fox owns the mutant part, so they had to give some characters a different story line, and so forth. now that i'm getting into the avengers, this walking library of information is now useful ;)

  2. If I cosplayed Squirrel Girl, I'd just rent a giant squirrel costume (like the Easter Bunny).....