Monday, April 13, 2015

Strange things

I've had this little container since my teens, maybe since I was sixteen? Not sure if I bought it or if it was a gift, or where it is from.
Now, why have I kept this trivial little thing? Me being such a minimalist? Well, there is something stashed in here, for whatever reason, I just can't make myself get rid of. Otherwise I would have tossed this container a long time ago.
That's right. That is a dead yellow jacket. Weird, I know. 
My little brother had put it in the container for me at one point, I'm guessing because it was empty. He had such a strange habit of having to fill things. Like, I spent time making little tiny mud bricks then building a little cabin out of said bricks (I wish I had a photo of it! I really have no idea what possessed me to make it), and then placed the tiny structure on my window sill. When I would come home from school, there was usually something in it, like a pile of earth worms, that he felt needed to be in there. I didn't keep that little mud cabin or the worms (I put them back outside, poor things!), but I did keep this. 18+ years later, and I'm sure he has no idea that I have it or that he put the little creature in there. I feel like since I've had it this long, I'm just going to keep keeping it. Why not?

Is there anything that you've held onto that you didn't intend to?

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  1. There is so much about this that is awesome. It's a cute little container, but moreover, that you kept the yellow jacket and also made a tiny mud hut. I really enjoyed this bit of the Heather Story.