Sunday, April 5, 2015

Butterfly Clip Favors

Oriental Trading Company once again! They really do have a ton of cute crafty items. The only thing I didn't get from there were the stickers. Originally I was going to seal the bags with those, but then I saw the cute mini clothespins and I was like, um, YES I HAVE TO USE THOSE SOMEHOW.
So I glued some butterfly's to them and used those to close the bags instead. Definitely added a little something more to the favors!
I filled them with various pastel Easter candies. My coworkers were wowed with their cuteness :) :) :)


  1. You did all those for your coworkers? Wow.

    1. I don't normally make so many. Usually i make five, just for the ladies in my office. I had enough supplies to make 40 this time, so i figured why not do all the offices? Not something i want to do too often!