Monday, March 9, 2015

Vegas! (the actual trip)

To be honest, we really didn't do too much. We stayed in our hotel room a good portion of the time, and really, who wouldnt??? It was super swanky and we were just having a good time enjoying each others company :) My older coworker said she and her husband called that "motel sex"... I wasn't trying to elude to that. Though Neil did skin his knee and my back had bruises. TMI, I know, sorry about that.

So here are some photos from the trip:
First limo ride ever for me!
 After seeing the bathtub, I had to go get some bath bombs! I have never splurged on these for me before, so what a treat! LOVE THEM SO MUCH.
 Neil bought me this adorable handbag :) Posed on the HAND SCULPTURE OF AWESOMENESS.
 Vegas really does come alive at night. Gorgeous views all around.
 Contemplating the red dot. 
 Smore's Crepe
 Let me note that I am wearing four inch heels in this photo.
My husband was in the middle of explaining how to use his camera. He always gets caught talking!
 Snackity snack :) Two of my favorites things: raspberries and macarons!
 Watching the sun set off another building. (I also watched the sun rise almost every morning, my sleep schedule was out of whack! Was missing my sleeping buddy Izze as well, like the crazy cat lady I am)
If you only go to one buffet, it would be a hard choice between the Bellagio and the Aria... but I think I would recommend the Aria. They are both pretty awesome though. So go to both if you can!
 Believe it or not, this was breakfast ;)
I had a great time with my husband! We had an awesome trip together :)

Stuff we did/ate:
Breakfast at the Sugar Factory
Dinner Buffet
Shopping/Walking the strip
Penn and Teller
Breakfast at Aria Buffet
Bobby Flays Burgers
Take out from Todd English Pub
Dessert from Jean Philippe Patisserie

We do plan on coming back later this year with a bigger group and I have lots of ideas of what I would like to do this time! Now that I've been there and have seen what there is to offer. I've added a couple of shows to my list, and some restaurants. And I just may get my drink on next time.Not sure. I definitely want to suit up though ;)


  1. I had my bachelorette party in Vegas. Enough said, lol.......

    Actually, we spent more time eating at buffets than anything else. We bought this 24 hour pass where you could eat at any buffet at a handful of different casinos as often as you wanted for 24 hours. I *think* we managed to go to all 7 of them in that time. And I love that handbag!!!

    Not that I have the money, and not that I actually know you in real life, and not that we're both not socially awkward, but wouldn't a blogger trip to Vegas be hella fun??? #dreams

    1. Ha, so much fooood! That sounds amazing :)
      I like the idea for sure, of a blogger meetup in Vegas! That will be something to think about as I get more comfortable traveling alone... just finished a weekend trip on my own so I think I can plan more things like that :) :) :) And Vegas has tons of activities to do so easier to plan things.

  2. So much fun! You met Penn & Teller!
    I know this is a weird thing to say, but I'm thinking maybe someday - someday in the far future, maybe we should have a group of bloggers meet up in Vegas. Hmmm. I think that would be fun to do. Probably in a few years? Hmmm...we could sit under an umbrella by the pool and drink margaritas and then go out and see comedy shows or whatever else. It would be so much fun with a good group of girls. (I don't mean to be creepy, but dreams are nice.)

    1. Jessica brought this up too!!!! My husband found a great deal for my brother and his friend for October, since they are sharing a room it's only 200 each for four days, and its a hotel in the middle of the strip. I know that is still a lot for your budget, but I think its a little more manageable if people were to share rooms. You know, to up the uncomfortableness. I think we should at least keep mulling this idea around! So we can stare at each other awkwardly and mumble about our cats ;) The whole idea is scary, but also intriguing because it is so outside my comfort zone.

    2. Definitely! I think it would be a fun thing. I would be open to sharing a room if other people were - mainly because 1.) Cost effectiveness and 2.) Sharing could be part of the fun....gabbing, doing facials, etc. I do think we should maybe think of this....I don't know what life has in store, but maybe like, Spring 2016? Like, a year or 14 months from now? That would be probably be the earliest I could work it out, but I'd be on board. It would be very cool if Jessica, you, and I, all met up!!!

    3. Vegas would be an awesome place to do a meetup :) :) :)