Saturday, March 14, 2015

Super Pi Day! 3-14-15

I am not a math geek by any stretch of the imagination, but you know what I do love? Celebrating stuff. So why not Pi day? The pun potential is too much to pass up! As much as I hate to look like a faux geek girl or anything, because being a geek and nerd is a cool thing now, I'm not going to let that stop my Pi day fun.

My dad is a math geek, and was a mechanical engineer before he retired. He would doodle quick trigonometry calculations on a napkin while he sat at his computer designing... stuff. His trig teacher in college told him to go into any field that does NOT involve trig because he had such poor grades in the class. Though that was due to not doing his homework, which unfortunately many teachers use that as the bulk for your grade. Anyway, he always remembered that conversation with a smile since his job required him to do trig DAILY.

Alas, I did not inherit this talent from my dad. Add that to the long list of skills that skipped me. That's okay though, I still came out pretty awesome ;)

At any rate, at my dad's last job, they would always celebrate Pi Day with pie! This was my first time hearing about anyone celebrating the day and I thought it was so creative. I think that was before the internet made a big deal of it, or I was just unaware (that is a huge posibility). Either way, I loved how his new work place was a mix of mega smartie pants and kooky creatives. Though to be fair, my dad is a bit of both. A serious kooky.

One of the last projects he helped with the design was a heart catheter with a pivoting head that could be switched out for a camera or laser or whatever. His job was to design the casing. Sounds simple, but it had to be designed also with emergencies in mind. So if the power went out, the surgeon had less than 30 seconds to deactivate the whole thing, so it had be designed to be sturdy, sleek looking, and easy to manipulate. I only visited this work place once (my dad has worked many places), for a company picnic. My dad did not allow me to open the freezer with the dead pigs that they practiced on though. This is the actual freezer:
So... pi. That is what this blog post is suppose to be about, not dead pigs.

And just what is Pi and what makes today a SUPER Pi day?

Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference from it's diameter. Super boring geometry stuff. I was always more of an algebra girl, geometry was just not my jam. I did like making proofs, even if they were incorrect. It's like a list. But with math.

Pi is a number that goes on and on, and the first bit of it is: 3.1415... Get it? It's today's date: month, day, AND YEAR. SUPER PI DAY! (Only applies to the USA though since we choose to write our date all wonky vs the rest of the world... they write their date day/month/year which makes much more sense to start with the smallest increment of time and work up to the largest but that's a whole other thing)

The usual thing to celebrate PI day is with pie, which makes sense on many levels (it sounds like PI, they are usually shaped like circles), but to honest I'm not a big fan of pie. I like pie, especially Boston cream pie, which I know isn't a pie, it's a cake, and I love cake, but it has pie in the title so my husband and I have agreed that this counts as pie and cake. So that's our official decree. On actual real pies, I really just prefer the fillings, it's the crust that I find bleh.

So I needed to find another way to represent PI day! What's another food item that starts with a "pi" sound? PIneapple! And I love me some pineapple :)

So I'm celebrating the day wearing my PIneapple cardigan, drinking a PIna colada (okay this doesn't sound like the PI sound, but it starts with the same letters, don't rain on my PI parade here guys), listening to PI from Hard and Phirm, how about you?


  1. Pizza PIe!!! I came across a recipe for spaghetti pie the other day - the spaghetti is the bottom "crust" and the filling is cheese and sauce with more cheese on top. Sounded interesting.

    And OMG, I LOVED doing algebraic proofs in high school. Like ridiculously loved. Although I was a theatre nerd, my school sucked as far as the arts were concerned, so I actually opted out of an elective two years in a row so I could take extra math classes. No wonder I was so popular - not.

    1. Ha, EXTRA math classes? You cray :)
      Too bad you didn't go to my high school, there is a separate theater building and they put on really nice plays. I wasn't really into that but I did see "Little Shop of Horrors" and was so surprised when they wheeled on a real motorcycle for one scene (I guess I 'm easily impressed).

  2. Dude, let me tell you. I SUCK at math. I actually didn't even remember the definition of pi until you put it up here. And even then I don't truly understand it, I'd have to google it and have it broken down like I was a third grader before I'd understand it. And not because it's geometry. I actually get geometry slightly better than algebra. Ugh. Algebra. No. I hate math.

    1. I cried a lot when I was introduced to algebra, that whole pre-algebra thing in middle school. Why can't x always equal the same number!!! Ha. It took until failing algebra 1 and doing it over then moving on to Algebra 2 before I was like, hey, I kinda like this. Though I don't retain it well. When I decided to go back to college and took the placement tests, I scored 98/100 on the english and 28/100 on the math. I had to argue with the counselor not to put me in remedial math, that I would be fine in algebra 1. She had this look, like YEAH RIGHT. A+ mutha fucka.