Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Old Fashioned

I've been on a bit of a bourbon kick and this cocktail is so simple to put together. You could make your own simple syrup... but I just purchased mine pre-made. At least I bought the kind with the simplest ingredient list :) 

You have to kind of enjoy the taste of alcohol to like this one, it's not a "girly" drink. Not that there is anything wrong with those, I will be buying a party pack of Smirnoff Ice drinks for the summer so who am I to judge?
4 oz Bourbon
2 oz Simple Syrup
4 dashes Bitters*

Pour your simple syrup, your bourbon, and your bitters into a cocktail shaker. Add a handful of ice. Stir or shake (I have done both ways and I kind of like the way it tastes after shaking it, not sure if that is kosher or not but whatever) for 40 seconds and pour into a glass. Add a cherry (or two or three...) and there you go.

*The labels on this brand of bitters are over-sized due to a communication error back when they got started. They just never bothered to correct the size as it became a thing for their brand.


  1. This makes me think of Mad Men. I've been binge watching it lately and Don Draper has been on an Old Fashioned kick (not sure why I capitalized that)

    1. If you like bourbon, they are really quite tasty :) I haven't watched any mad men but it does feel like a "man" kind of cocktail, not too frou-frou.

  2. This is on my drinks bucket list, so to speak. Someday. Someday.

    1. If you like bourbon/whiskey you really should!