Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bean Salad

This is something I make as a quick side for dinner or lunch. If my husband wasn't so adamant against onions, I would add a quarter of a minced red onion, so that is an option for adding more flavor.

Kidney beans (1 can)
Chickpeas (1 can)
Italian dressing
Parsley (optional)

Drain and rinse the beans, dump into a container. Pour dressing over them until they look coated. Mix. Top with parsley. Can be made a day ahead, I find letting them soak a bit is better before serving.


  1. You make this look good, but I actually hate bean salad. I like beans. Just not all mixed together.

    1. I thought I only liked kidney beans, but I've grown to like the chickpeas. Drenched in Italian dressing helps :) Chickpeas are just so dry. Once when my parents were out of town when I was a teenager, I opened a can of kidney beans and ate that for dinner. Lazy and I just like them.

    2. Ok, no. I like green beans by themselves. I like black beans and kidney beans and refried beans. I like peas. I like northern beans in bean soup. But - lol - I am not going to eat a can of kidney beans for dinner. They have to be IN something. Now a can of corn, I could do that for a meal.

    3. Admittedly 16 year old heather was much lazier than me right now heather. at least i would take the beans out of the can and rinse them and toss with dressing now :)