Monday, February 9, 2015

♥Valentine Week♥ Day 3

Besides red roses, what could be more classic for Valentines than some chocolate covered strawberries?
 I mix in coconut oil to my chocolate for two reasons. One, it thins it out a bit and helps coat better, and two, it tastes so much better than adding shortening. Shortening is just gross. 
I like to use a small dish for the chocolate (not pictured but you will see it in another post), something that is a bit taller than it is wide. I feel this makes dipping the strawberries much easier. And if you tilt the berries from side to side you can get a cute heart design!
After coating the berry with the chocolate, hold it over the wax paper than place it down so it sits in its own puddle of chocolate.
Add the sugar after they have hardened a bit, but still tacky. If you put them on too soon, they can slide off or get buried in the chocolate.

Melting Chocolate
Coconut Oil


  1. Nice! I bet the coconut oil adds a great flavor!

    1. depending on how much you add, you don't even notice it. i added a little *too* much to this batch and the chocolate stayed soft and didn't set/harden all the way. but a really nice coconut flavor so good and bad.