Sunday, February 8, 2015

♥Valentine Week♥ Day 2

This would be the perfect day to tell the story of when my husband proposed to me.

Except I don't have one.
An engagement story that is.
Not really.

Very early in our relationship (and I have it muddled when he asked me to move in with fact it could have been part of the same conversation) he asked where our relationship was going, if I would ever marry him. I remember that we were cuddling on his (actually "our" bed; his dad had just bought this bed for us a month or so before. I should get into what brought that about too, it's pretty funny. Not that I knew the whole story at the time... I will have to remember to write about that sometime) bed with the lights off. I love having conversations this way, feels safer. Less eye contact. This story has become super convoluted. Sorry about that.

Okay back to the story.

I said of course, I wouldn't want to move in with you unless you meant something to me. (It's from this snippet that I'm not sure if me moving in was ALREADY in the works, or I had just agreed to move in earlier in the conversation).

That was six months after I had met him, four months after we "officially" started dating (this is a matter of debate between us, we both have different ideas of when this happened), and very possibly before I actually moved in (which was about six months into the relationship as well). Have I made the timeline* confusing enough already?

So anyway. The engagement. Focus Heather.

No bended knee, no ring, no fancy speech... and no further conversation about it...


He let it slip that I was his "fiancee" to a friend on the phone randomly one day. His best friend was on the couch while said phone conversation was going on, and had a surprised look on his face. This was his first time hearing me referred to as "fiancee" instead of "girlfriend". Yeah me too, buddy. I was doing the dishes and had a wide eyed look as well. His best friend was reasonably affronted, and let Neil know after the phone call. If anyone should have been told first it should have been him. (Or me?)

Although it was understood that we would marry, we never had really discussed it. The word 'engaged' and 'fiancee' had never been uttered before, even in our brief convo on the bed that one night. It was weird to hear it. Told to someone else first.

So this felt like the right time to actually start planning the wedding, two years after being proposed to. Kinda.

And that's my story. About as romantic as I am :)

*Timeline (the best I can manage)

Met: end of June 2006**
Officially Started Dating: July or Sept 2006 (depending on whom you ask)
Moved in: December 2006 or January 2007 (I cannot remember!)
Engaged: December 2006
Married: September 2011

**to be fair, Neil told a friend the next day after meeting me FOR THE FIRST TIME, that he met the girl he was going to marry. True story. I did not know about this little tidbit until that friend gave a toast at our wedding! I'm glad I didn't know this too early in the relationship, I might have been scared off :) So maybe that date is the start of our engagement?


  1. Awww! That's so sweet. I even really liked the rambling. :) So is that why there is debate about when you "officially" started going out - because in his mind he was kinda dating you all along? No matter what, it's still really sweet. :) I liked this a lot.

    1. This comment makes me realize I left out a wrinkle as it were to this story. At the time Neil met me, I was maybe, perhaps, kind of in a relationship already. I've been thinking I should do a "how we met" story but I don't come out in the best light so.... we shall see :)

  2. I had a live-in boyfriend of over a year when my husband and I met - scandalous, I know, but it makes for a great story!!! You should do a how we met link-up. I think it would be fun to hear everyone's stories. Now I want to write an engagement post, too. This was a really cute story.

    1. Ahhh, this makes me feel so much better about my situation :)

      I should do a link up!!! That is genius. I haven't done a link up before, but by the time I write out my story I should be able to figure that one out.