Saturday, February 7, 2015

♥Valentine Week♥ Day 1

It's Valentine Week, ya'll!

And what exactly is Valentine Week? To be honest, I really have no idea. The best that I could gather from the internet is that its a week to sell/buy more junk. But I really liked the concept, if not exactly the current execution, so I decided to do my own interpretation.

So the first day is Rose Day, which the obvious thing is to buy your loved one some flowers. Roses specifically. Kind of boring. I'm not the type that asks for flowers, mostly because I don't really know what to do with them. Look at them and wait for them to die? I like flowers, just not so much once they are not part of a living thing. If my husband was to give me flowers that were part of a living, breathing plant that I could keep (theoretically) longer than a week, that would be another story.

When is a rose not a rose? When it's a Rosé! Get it? Rosé wine!

My husband introduced me to Sofia, which in addition to the lovely bottle (and cute cans! it also comes in little cans with straws!), it has a really nice flavor. I'm no wine connoisseur to be sure, but if I had to pick a wine as a gift or for cooking, I would pick this one. I've used it for cheese fondue and it was just fantastic. Never cook with a wine you wouldn't drink! That constitutes all of my wine buying advice...

So celebrate Rose Day with a glass of rosé or some dead, dying flowers. Your choice!

*This is NOT a sponsored post, even though it kind of reads like one! I just really like this wine. Promise, the rest of the week is not a huge commercial.


  1. So I've never heard of "Valentine's Week" until these posts of yours. Although, I kinda just don't give a crap about Valentine's Day, so that could be part of it. However, I love your romantic Valentine's posts, but then again, that's more about the writer and the style and the content than the actual holiday itself.
    Question: what type of wine is this Rose (I don't know how to make accent marks above characters, but probably should learn) it dry, sweet? Forgive me for showing off my utter lack of wine knowledge. What I know is I like things that are bubbly and sweet and cheap. LOL Ghetto wine for me.

    1. I like to celebrate all things (margarita day? national cat day?) so Valentine's is the same. I may not celebrate it the way other people do, I like to do my own interpretation of things :)

      So if you think you are at ground zero with wine, i'm but half a step above you. Let me try to describe this wine: its a white wine. its not heavy or sweet, so i feel it paired well with the cheese fondue. so maybe, crisp? is that a word people use for wine? i will have to drink some again and think about it as I drink it :)

  2. I'm not sophisticated enough for wine. When I do drink, I want fruity mixed drinks or shots. I'm with Becky on wine, bubbly, sweet, and cheap!!! I'm not terribly into Valentine's Day, but your series was a lot of fun! I do like to celebrate things just to celebrate, too. Who doesn't like a party?!?

    1. I'm still not that sophisticated with wine... like at all. I was at a family gathering on my husbands side and overhead one of the cousins say "oh is that a bord?" and I had to think a bit and realize that was shorthand for "Bordeaux" so I am not on that level at all. I just know red vs white, sweet vs tart.