Monday, February 16, 2015

Art Project: Initials

This mysterious yet unassuming binder contains a treasure trove of drawings, art assignments, poems, essays, short stories... A mixture of my own creativeness done on my own time, and some projects that were assigned to me. Some of the drawings date back to middle school, which I have put up on my blog before.

My husband bought me a printer with a flat scanner on top for Christmas which prompted me to flip through the black binder. I wanted a scanner like that because it's easier to scan a wider variety of things than having to put it through a roller.

I was just going to practice on some old stuff, but then I thought, how about posting it on my blog? I have yet to re-read the poems and stories though (I think once I wrote something, I typed it up and stuck it in the binder, never to be read again), so I'm tentative about sharing those just yet! The potential embarrassment factor is just too high. So I think I will start with sharing a class assignment first. Because, it's not my fault for the potential weirdness, I was told to do it ;)
This was an art assignment I had in Art 1 that I took my senior year in high-school, 1998-1999. I started off the year with trigonometry and physics on my schedule, but two weeks in I was like, wtf am I doing? I don't need those credits! So I switched those out for photography and art. I was really lost and stressed in those two classes, so it was such a relief to switch! I'm really not a studious person so I don't know what I was thinking. I like the idea of being a smarty pants person but the best I can do is retain random information and be a bit creative.

I loved the art class, it was super cinchy and I could just draw anything to get extra credit. She never took attendance, so sometimes after lunch (I had this class fifth period) I would just leave campus. I stayed for lunch to hang out with other friends, other wise I would have left after fourth. Priorities!

I'm not sure what this assignment was all about, like what was the point, but I think we were suppose to make a collage into our initials. Looks like I kind of got lazy with it and just filled in the back with red marker instead of cutting out more images. Sounds about right. Seventeen year old Heather was even more lazy than me right now Heather.

And look! There's a potato!

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