Monday, January 5, 2015

Rock and Roll 10K 2014

I don't consider myself a runner, or an athletic person in general. I'm not coordinated in anyway (just ask my husband. Scratch that, DON'T ask my husband, he will say "You got that right" which even though is very correct, he could stand to pause a bit before he says it. Can we just pretend that it's something that you have to think about first?), and I'm also not really into fitness that much. I sit all day at work (other people actually get up and walk around and get water and spend their breaks walking around the buildings and such but I think I spend my entire 8.5 hours perma-glued to my seat. It's kind of a joke that if I'm not in my chair I must not be at work), then when I come home I spend the rest of the evening sitting on my couch, eating dinner in front of the television.

Not very healthy at all.

So I've actually been happy that my friend has gotten me to join her on some (and by some I mean a grand total of three. One of the ladies that is a friend of a friend has done about FIFTEEN this year. Yeah. I didn't even know there were that many events to do!) of the runs she likes to do. It's not anything that I would have chosen to do on my own, but now that I've been introduced to it, my interest has been increasing. This interest needs to start translating to actually training for them though, and not just a week before like I did for this one. Which was not enough. I was so thankful that she just wanted to power walk the event. 
My husband had purchased a rowing machine for himself, used it maybe five times, then lost interest, so I have equipment at the house to use. I love that its a full workout (if you use it correctly and have the right form. My husband says my form has improved, as long as he isn't looking at me, somehow that makes me go all wonky) and I really would like to use it for 30 minutes, four days a week even if there isn't a run that weekend. 

Part of the problem has been the heat last summer (yeah, I know, mentioning HEAT in JANUARY let's you know this post is past due! Lazy heather is lazy), and I guess I'm just a delicate daisy because my body is a no go in this temperature. There are also the lovely hiking trails just a mile from my house which I should take advantage. I would really like to build up my endurance so that I can actually RUN one of these runs I sign up for. 

I texted my dad about the 10K, and he said when he was in track back in high school, he was able to do it in about 31 minutes. Oh damn, ya'll. I did NOT inherit that at all. I really feel I got neglected in the whole skills level in the gene department. Thanks for the frizzy hair and bad eyesight though! /end sarcasm.

Part of the fun of the marathon is the community feel to it. Everyone is so friendly and encouraging. Nancy and I were kind of popular with our tee-shirts, one stranger even took a photo with us to include the shirts (we all agreed this was less weird than her just taking a photo of our boobs). I should have asked that lady to text me that photo...
Since this run courses through residential streets, the people who live there actually sit in their front yards and watch. Some people get their band together and play music, or have radios blasting, or have signs made up to encourage the runners. There are also people along the courses that are affiliated with the race such as cheerleaders, volunteers handing out water and ice, and bands placed on stages. (I was too shy to ask if the cream puffs and beer were free.)

My friend said that one of the bands that played at the end of the race last year was able to boost their notoriety, so that is cool. Nancy knew the band that played this year, but I'm pretty clueless when it comes to most music, and looking it up sounds like work.
Maybe part of my problem is I don't take the running seriously? Must pose and be silly!
But we totally made it to the finish line and picked up some awesome medals and free beer. So, worth it?
Next: Vancouver! HAHAHAHA, just kidding. I'm not THAT serious about running!


  1. 1.) It is so good to see you back to blogging. Missed you!
    2.) Dude, you are heartier than I - no way could I drink beer after any kind of workout.
    3.) I hear you. In the very cold my body wants to hibernate and in the very hot I just want to...sit and melt.

    1. weather in general can just go suck an egg. i just don't want to be aware of it, that is the perfect weather for me. the beer was super light, almost like drinking water, so it wasn't too bad.

      i'm baaack! i have all of January ready to go. lets see if i can be as ambitious with February!