Monday, January 26, 2015

Personalized Licence Plates #3

Since I'm not driving, I have a lot of free time to take in all the small details outside the window. There are always more lone shoes on the highway than I think there should be. But it's been awhile since I snapped some license plate photos! Sometimes we are moving too quickly to snap a good photo, and some I cannot remember at the time if they are someone I've taken photos of already, and a good portion of the time my phone is dead. I have such a bad habit of not charging the darn thing.

So... any guesses to what 1LOOSE1 might mean??? Kind of sounds like a variation of the phrase "you win some, you lose some", yes? No? Too much of a stretch?
Do they mean PC as in political correctness or PC as in personal computer or is this a MAC vs PC reference? So many possibilities...
Is this their nickname? "The Ouchie?" I imagine saying this in a really bad french accent: "Dis is zee boo boo cahrrr"


  1. Yeah...Zbooboo was my favorite. I think the others are definitely rocking the most obvious choice of why that was chosen.

    1. There are so many better ones but I just don't have the time on freeway speeds to take a photo! It's the highlight of my commute :)

  2. I thought about getting vanity plates, but couldn't come up with anything creative enough. I'm afraid I'd end up with a WTF plate instead of an oh so clever plate.

    1. Yeah, something obvious to you isn't necessarily obvious to someone else!