Monday, January 12, 2015

New back fence!

So this is another post that is way past it's due date. We had the back fence replaced immediately after we came back from our Disneyland trip. And if anyone is paying attention, that was LAST JULY. Whatever. I'm a slacker, it happens. (Though I really have no clue what to say about my three month or so hiatus. It wasn't just laziness, I guess I just lost interest in blogging for awhile.)

I was sad that we had to get rid of more foliage in the backyard but it was going to be impossible to put in the new fence without doing that. Now to just get someone to dig up all the stumps for me... My goal is to replace all the bushes with new plants eventually. Stuff that is hardy and isn't easy to kill cause I don't exactly have a great track record with plants. It's getting better, but still not enough to give me any confidence.

Oh, and my husband and I cut down all the bushes ourselves. Some of which we did right before we left for Disney, which wasn't the brightest idea since I ended up with some scratches on my arms and chest. I probably looked like my cat attacked was playing with me, so nothing out of the ordinary.
The fence though! I am so happy with the new fence! It really makes a difference. We didn't end up taking down both fences, we just did our side. Neither of us wanted to bother with the back neighbors and figuring out if anyone was going to help pay. By the look of both of their homes, this fence was not going to be in their budget. Hey, I get that, no hate on this side. The old man ended up taking down his fence after the new one went up so that's kind of annoying. I only noticed because I had to look over my fence into his yard to look for my cat and noticed there weren't two fences, only mine. 

Our side neighbor really liked the new fence because it closed up the corner that we share. There was a bit of a gap that my turtle kept enlarging and the neighbor has tenants with a dog back there. He came over to make sure we would be able to close it up and was also wondering what we were paying because he was interested in doing his back fence as well. He got a quote from another company but ours was almost half that, so he might go with our guys. They've done all of our fence work so far and I really like their work! Now 2/3 of our fence is all new, the last bit still looks good so won't have to worry about that for a few years (thank goodness, at least one less thing to worry about!).
So I know the green in the before photos make them look better, but its really not a fair assessment! The before photos were taken in spring time and the after photos were taken during the summer. Everything turns drab, dead, and brown in the summer! I swear the new fence looks so much better than the previous fence. Though I do miss the bushes, they provided a good amount of shade for the summer.


  1. Replies
    1. In general our neighbors are pretty cool ( I guess by that I mean quiet?) so can't complain too much but it does suck to have to foot the whole bill.

  2. Oh, I like that!!! The dark and light wood is a nice touch.

    1. Yeah I thought it came out really nice. It's also a foot taller, so more privacy. Not that either neighbor is in their backyard much.