Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Meetup.com take 2! part 2

So I canceled.
Can't even dance around that hard truth.
Big ol' chicken canceled the fuck out of that.


I made myself sign up for another coffee date for two months later.
And told myself no take backs.
This is it.


I went! I was nervous, so so nervous. So many uncertainties, like would I recognize anyone? Luckily they were sitting by the window and I recognized one lady's curly blond hair from her photo. I ordered a cappuccino (oh lordy that was a mistake for later*) and a muffin and steeled myself. I had told Neil that I would stay at least 45 minutes and to expect my text.

45 minutes came and went. I texted him: I'm staying till two. 

I KNOW. I was having such an awesome time, I stayed and chatted with these ladies for TWO HOURS. It was so surprising and I was so thrilled! 

One of my coworkers passed by and saw me at the window and gave me a puzzled look and waved. She told me later she was trying to figure out what this group was to me, friends, family? We were such an odd group with our varying ages! One woman is Irish and had such a wonderful way with telling her stories, apparently she is an author and just published a book. I have yet to hunt it down and buy it, but its on my list!

I will be meeting with these lovely ladies again. I haven't signed up for one yet but they meet every first Saturday of the month for coffee. Plus, this experience made me brave enough to sign up for an event with a separate meetup group! I feel like I'm playing with fire though and that I can't possibly have as great of a time...

*it was so very yummy but apparently the caffeine was strong in this one. I was up until 4 in the morning and slept for four hours and was back up cleaning the house. I still wasn't that tired when it was time to sleep again... Neil said no more coffee!


  1. Yay!!! I'm so glad it went well....I've been waiting for the follow up post (but you didn't mention what you wore!!!)

    1. Oh gosh, I didn't! Let's see, what did I wear? ... I think I wore my black jcrew scoopneck tee, bootcut jeans, black converse, and my green jacket. I didn't wear a graphic tee and a hoodie which youthens me immensely. I still didn't look my age, but it helped (I think).

  2. Glad you had a good time! It's nice when the payoff is worth it.

    1. It's a very hard thing for me to do and my insides go all wonky, but i've heard it's good to do things that make you uncomfortable. Now my husband wants one of our friends that has been single for over ten years to go to meetups since he sees his super shy wife making progress ;)