Thursday, January 15, 2015

Keyword Searches

Most keywords that show up don't surprise me and seem pretty normal. But then a few will come up that make me laugh or are just really puzzling. Of course there are potatoes:

Fell asleep like a potato
Is this a thing? Is this a question? Is it something people say? I don't think my blog has the answers to this one. I would think sleeping like a potato would be a pretty great sleep. If potatoes were people, seems like they would be really good at that.

Katy Perry loves sweet potatoes
Does she? I have no idea. She does have a garden, and I think she grows kale.

This girl was really 
FIVE times for this. I really have no idea what this means. Is it a quote from something??? I'm not sure what I have typed that would connect my blog to this.

G String Blog
Oy, I know exactly what post this links to! And I'm sure it is a very disappointing click for everyone using that search term.


  1. I'm going to have to make "sleep like a potato" a new saying!!! I remember reading one of your keywords that led to my blog posts when I first started reading your blog and it was just as hilarious then as it is now!

    1. I do seem to get some strange links from google! I always love anything potato related, very amusing for me since my blog isn't about potatoes ;) Sorry strangers!

  2. Ha ha! That's awesome! When I first discovered your blog and looked at popular posts, that was the number one that came up! I remember thinking "Oh my God - this girl is so brave and hilarious!" It cracked me up and I was hooked from there on.

    1. The photo shoot for that post was the most hilarious for me, especially trying to explain to my husband what I was doing and why :) To his credit, he did offer to help with the photos but I declined. Hard enough to keep a straight face alone!