Thursday, January 22, 2015

Are you a Basic Bitch?

I find pop culture, the trends, and the seemingly random slang that crops up to be very interesting. I think that it can be very telling about the culture and underlying feelings of that era.

Not that I have or have ever had my finger on the pulse of what's 'It" or anything. I am more like an outsider, a foreigner, an alien, old person... Observing from WAY outside of the circle, trying on words for size that amuse me, usually way after the fact that they came about or are even used any more. 

I remember the first time hearing "in" vernacular in real life, not on TV. This story will show how cool I've always been. Ha, right. I was in my algebra class freshman year in high school, and there were two guys that sat behind me that would say things like "hecka fresh" and "hella tight". I remember being very aware of these phrases because I had never heard any one in my life say them before. I wish I could remember their names so I could look them up in my yearbook!

I also remember kind of liking the boy behind me. My awesome way of demonstrating this was being very smug about beating him on the quizzes and exams. Yeah, that's how you win someones affections; let them know how dumb you think they are and be condescending about their "low" score. He let me know after a few times that it really bothered him how I acted after each quiz. I was shocked because I didn't know I was being awful. Even though, hello, so obvious to anyone else. So I just stopped talking to him. I've got the smooth moves, don't be jelly.

And it's no surprise to anyone that I stayed single for a few years after that. My track record with boys and crushes did not improve.

Okay done with past Heather, back to right now Heather. 
And today's fun slang. 
And this millennial generation that I refuse to admit to being apart of. I'm Generation X! The cool kids! Right? Unfortunately, depending on what article you read, the year 1981 is usually clumped into the Millennial generation. Boo, I say.

So what has been knocking about in the ol' knoggin? What trendy phrase has worked itself into my lexicon? The current term "basic bitch." Or not so current as the case might be. Work with me here.

I understand that words and phrases can adapt different meanings depending on your social circle. It's wonderful how fluid a medium language is, that it's a continual evolving thing. Like the term "hood rat" can be a negative or a positive. Some people interpret it as "ghetto skank" and others might interpret it as "tough chick". Or if you were to go to Ireland and someone says "you look massive" you might take offense thinking they are saying you look fat when they really mean you look awesome. The same is with the phrase "basic bitch", so I am going to go with the meaning that resonates the most to me, and that is the one that means bland and boring, being a sheep instead of being different.

With this special snowflake generation, what could possibly be worse than being the same as everyone else? The internet makes everyone hyper aware of everyone, so it's pretty hard to like or be into something that a thousand other people haven't heard of or done already. Striving for that exclusive personalty and hobby list can be pretty daunting. I think everyone is going to like or do at least a few basic bitch things.

I love embracing things ironically (oh my gosh, how hipster of me! That's still a thing, right?), and since the basic bitch seems to also overlap typical white girl territory, I decided to try to make a checklist to see how basic/white I am. Personally I like finding out people like the same things as I do even if that happens to also be a popular thing. I'm not that concerned with trying to be different and quirky. I like what I like. Sometimes that is a common thing like salted caramel and sometimes it's an uncommon thing like Red Dwarf.

So take the quiz and see how basic you are!

I took this quiz, and as it turns out, I'm not that basic. Darn. I "failed" my own quiz! Whut. Of course I did. That's fine, I will still embrace my marginalized inner basic bitch because it's my new YOLO. 

Also I know how Hipster Ariel my photo looks. I can't even figure out what a basic bitch is suppose to look like! Basically I just put on a scarf and lipstick. Much effort, wow skill.


  1. Basic bitch isn't actually used to describe someone that is basic/simple.
    It's more so used to describe a girl that aint shit..
    A girl who has 5 baby daddy's and five kids at 21 years old might be considered a basic bitch.
    The girl on my facebook who I went to middle school who acts like she's rich & independent but still lives at home with her mom.... That's a basic bitch.
    I mean that's just how most of us black folks use the term lol.

    This was a cute post btw ;)

    1. Thanks for commenting! I updated my post to make myself more clear :)
      Its weird how the same words/terms can have such different meanings depending on where you are from! And no hate for people that live at home, but own that sh*t. I'm glad that social media wasn't a thing while I was going through school otherwise I would know more about people than I really need to know! Thank goodness for the unfollow option so no one gets their feelings hurt :)

  2. I think we might have the same brain. I'm never really aware of what's popular. Some people have their finger on the pulse, some of us can never find it. I gave up frantically searching for it somewhere around the age of 8, I think. Possibly, my love of words and my "old timey" phrases helped me abandon the search for coolness. Or maybe it's my lack of social skills, who knows :-)

    Great post, glad I found your blog!

    1. I didn't even really know that "cool" was a thing until middle school, and even then I barely registered it. There was a girl named Ivy that wore makeup and stuffed her bra and another girl that had matching black bra and panty sets (seen in the locker room, I swear I wasn't a creeper) and they seemed cool/older but I didn't care for them so I didn't care :) But old timey phrases for the win! My husband swears I was born in the 1800's but that might be mainly because of some candy I like (horehound anyone?)

  3. Hehe, I'm not basic either!
    A friend mentioned because I've been basically living at Starbucks that I was starting to veer towards Basic Bitch territory, and I was like, lolwut? Apparently the only similarities I have with Basic Bitches is that I freaking love cupcakes(it's a vegan thing, I've been in two vegan cupcake eating competitions), I own an iPhone(it's a 4S, dangerously close to out of date, and I love that it has a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure case on it, but will likely go back to android when I decide to upgrade), and that I love Starbucks. Mainly because there's one near one of the colleges I attend AND one near my work, AND the one near my work opens at 5:30am, so I can do a study session there before work without having to worry about being interrupted by family members.
    That was a fun quiz, however! <3

    As for the living at home, I live with my parents, pay them rent and am paying for all of my college out of pocket. I budget too, so when I have extra money, I act like a rich mofo, because I've EARNED it. Call me a basic bitch in regards to that, and I won't even care, haha. :) I'm proud of being a machinist and that I'm paying for my own college out of pocket. When I graduate I'll be able to afford to move out, even with my current job. :D

    Regardless, keep up the awesome blog! I love it!

    1. Thanks for taking the quiz! I had fun making it :) I've gotten my husband to start saying "basic bitches" which is amazing in itself so I can't let this phrase go away any time soon.

      Living at home can be super awesome, especially if you maintain your adult life while doing it! Are you really a machinist? My dad had a machine shop and i loved his mix of smells: old coffee, grease, and welding debris :)

  4. I meant to do this one time and I totally forgot about it and then Jess linked to it and I did it and ta-da! Surprising no one, I am not basic.

    1. ha, i started making the quiz thinking i would totally be basic but then i ended up not. found a shirt that says "basic" but haven't bought it yet :) so i can be poseur basic ;)