Thursday, January 1, 2015

52 things in 52 Weeks: 2015 Edition

For 2015, I decided to try my hand at a yearly goal/bucket list that seems fairly popular in the blog-o-sphere (yeah, I know, I used that word. Is it something you only say ironically?). 

I don't anticipate on finishing every last item, that would seem like too much pressure. Rather, my hope is that this will inspire me, and keep me from spending most of my time doing nothing (aka internet)! It's easier to say "no" or "yes" to a plan than to figure one out on the spot. At least for me. I'm terrible at coming up with things to do.

I tried to make a varied list of items that had different time and actualizing levels. I felt this would keep it less daunting; it's always a great feeling to cross something off a list! I'm sure some of these I will be hating past me for putting on here (hiking 12 times, wth, I'm already dreading that so why is it even on there??? To get you off your lazy ass, that's why!)
  1. Start and Finish Breaking Bad
  2. Finish Parks and Rec
  3. Watch (all?) of Wes Anderson Films (excluding shorts) (1/8)
  4. Watch Coraline
  5. Watch Twin Peaks
  6. Finish Freaks and Geeks
  7. Read 52 NEW books (no fair counting reading old favorites!) (16/52) (why for the love of all things holy did I think I'd be able to READ ONE BOOK A WEEK. I'm going to count this as a "win" if I get to 26. It's my list, I'll do what I want.)
  8. Read all of the Charles Dickins set of books (ugh, must try so hard) (2/15)
  9. Eat at La Foret for my 4th Wedding Anniversary dinner
  10. Pick a recipe book and do all the bookmarked recipes
  11. Use the bread machine six times (0/6)
  12. Make a presentable bento at least once a week (11/52)
  13. Make 12 Pinterest recipes (7/12)
  14. Help my husband lose weight (41/52) his numbers (41/69) (I was confused why I put 52 but then I realized I meant for 1lb a week, ha)
  15. Vegas with the husband
  16. Go to the Anime Convention in San Jose
  17. Blog consistently (at least once a week) (52/52)
  18. Go to Santa Cruz at least once (maybe spend the night?) (Yes on both! Visited with my sister)
  19. Visit Carmel for the first time
  20. Go to at least six meetups (6/6) (I'm going to count all the new girly dates I went on with a girl I meet at a meetup!)
  21. Have at least six date nights with the husband (6+/6) (this was just too easy, no wonder I put this on the list)
  22. Take Mary to Cirque Du Soleil (they didn't come to San Jose this year! super boo)
  23. Take a train to visit my Dad
  24. Try geo-caching at least once
  25. Hike five miles at least once a month (0/12) HAHAHAHA
  26. Go for a walk every evening with husband (April-May-June-July-Aug-Sept-Oct) (but he did buy a bike and did some bike riding!)
  27. Get rid of all junk piles! (rocks, pavers, stumps...) (my brother helped me get rid of at least SOME of the junk so I feel like this counts)
  28. Get a lime tree
  29. Get a loquat tree
  30. Get a wintergreen plant (I don't think I have enough shade for one though...)
  31. Plant more rosemary
  32. Plant horsetails but it died :(
  33. Finish decorating downstairs bathroom
  34. Get a guest bed/day bed (I changed my mind about this since we saved our old mattress for the guest bedroom)
  35. Switch air fresheners to essential oils
  36. Start a Roth IRA with at least $2000
  37. Have $1000 in my savings
  38. Make Valentine Favors
  39. Make St. Patrick's Favors
  40. Make Easter Favors
  41. Make Earth Day Favors (was too close to Easter so I was like "nah")
  42. Make Halloween Favors 
  43. Fix up my Craft Table
  44. Participate in Nanowrimo
  45. Get 10 new followers on my blog (this seems like it would be the hardest to accomplish) (5/10)
  46. Host or go to a New Year's Eve Party
  47. Mimic at least one saved polyvore outfit (does it count if I have all the components of one???)
  48. Do three What I Wore Posts (3+/3) (who knew this would be an easy one!)
  49. Draw three new things (3/3)
  50. Get new glasses (but I hate them)
  51. Send a Christmas gift to the local fire department (I ordered them this JellyBelly basket)
  52. Create a last will and testament
26/52 accomplished (50%)

Anyone else have some goals they wish to accomplish this year? Any twinsies with mine?


  1. I don't think I've done any of these except see Coraline, but I love that movie. Creepy :). I've seen most of Parks and Rec, but not the newest seasons. It's awesome!

    1. I hope to get through most of these but I'm already regretting putting 52 new books to read. That is one book a week! What was I thinking??? I only have like ten new books to read right now, and the game of thrones ones are super long and will take awhile to get through each one.

  2. That's quite a list! I think you will accomplish more from that than you think. I have tried doing things like this, but I get really overwhelmed. Coraline is an awesome movie.

    1. I tried to put things on the list that I KNOW i'm going to do like read and garden, so those are mostly "fillers" to make me feel accomplished in case I drop the ball :)

  3. Love the list! I set goals in much the same can be daunting, but I like the challenge and the feeling that I'm busy and have "things to do" :-)

    1. I'm constantly making "to do" lists everyday just to cross things off! Always make lazy time with the kitties though, have to keep my priorities straight ;) I'm interested to see how much of this list I actually do this year. I hope I remember to keep updating my progress... I should make a tab for this page. Putting it on the to do list! lols