Monday, September 8, 2014

Pirate Festival

This year my friends (those friends being Katrina and Nancy. I mean, who else? Really, let's be real) and I decided to attend the Pirate festival instead of the Renaissance festival (though the Ren Faire is held in Sept/Oct and this was... June? Seriously, I need to not procrastinate posts. Can't remember details for crap.) 

Any way. 

I got a good deal on the tickets, they were two for one, and only 10 each to begin with. So four tickets for 20 dollars! That's a pretty good deal I think. 

Plus Katrina got to give a free ticket away which just made her day, she loves being able to do that. I'm just so happy that she is so extroverted because I wanted to give away the ticket but I'm too shy. So win for everyone! And the lady she gave it to was so grateful too, she kept saying how this never happens to her. 

Yay for spreading little joys!

Also? My friends are always so amazing. Seriously, how fucking awesome is this swag booty bag??? Katrina made one for both me and Nancy.
It's all nautical/pirate themed! *SWOON*

So I paid for tickets, Katrina made these kick ass bags, and Nancy drove. We make an awesome team, just saying.
So there wasn't as much to do or look at as the Ren Faire, it's a much smaller thing. But the costumes were AH-MAZING. People put so much work and effort into it! Of course I'm super lame and I didn't photograph any of it.            
The food lines were LONG and the place we tried already ran out of so many food items! So I decided to try this overpriced scotch egg. I've never had one, it was okay. Its a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage then fried.
( pirate juice :: red headed (slut) :: sex on the cock :: mare island tea )

This wasn't in the festival but at a bar just outside. The names of the drinks are HILARIOUS. Wish we were planning to stay the night or something, this looked like a fun place. Hell yes to day drinking ;)
It was VERY windy, we were just off the water which is pretty awesome for the whole nautical feel. So I had to keep my hand on my hat otherwise it was going to fly off.
 Here is a close up of that marvelous photo face I have going. Good job, Heather.
After I was done with my vanity posing, a family walked up to pose for their photos. Apparently the little girl wanted to pose just like me ;) LOLS. Aim higher girl, aim higher.


  1. Aww! The last thing about the girl wanting to pose just like you was so sweet! :)

    1. Yeah, I heard the mom say "Oh, you want to pose like the lady?" made me smile :)