Monday, September 22, 2014

NIN Concert 2014

My husband is a much larger NIN fan than I am, but I absolutely loved the concert. They put on such an awesome stage performance! I wish I got a photo of Trent's arms, damn they were surprisingly muscular! They said that they are on permanent hiatus, no future concerts in the works at this time. Glad I was able to see them live! So worth it.
 There was the "side" show of an absolutely drunk and disorderly couple. The lady had to be at least forty, and was dressed like it was a 1980's concert. Her dress had FRINGE on it, from the shoulders, so funny. She could barely stand in her heels and was wobbling back and forth, trying to manage her purse, her cigarette, her beer, and flipping off the band while screaming "FUCK YOU", which is a lot to handle even as a sober person. She was not very successful. The poor couple next to her (guy wearing the hat in the photo) ending up leaving. I hope they just found other seats!

So this video from youtube could be that lady, or the very least her drunk twin! Totally spot on!

This is what I ended up wearing, plus my faux black leather jacket from express. I really love this jeans, I got them from H&M and they have ribbing on the knees.

My husband said I was too dressed up for a rock concert, but there were lots of ladies decked out in mini dresses and heels so I felt okay. I kind of wanted to be super creepster and take pictures of some of the cute outfits, but I didn't want to embarrass myself. I'm sure I'm not very sly or sneaky about such things.

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