Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Graze Snack Box

I received a coupon for a free box so I figured sure, why not?
Without the coupon the box is $6 and they send you one every two weeks, so $12 a month.
I liked the IDEA of the whole thing, you go online and heart snack items that you like (or think you will like) but all the snacks seemed kind of the same to me. Not really stuff I like to munch on either. There were a few items that my husband really liked though. There was some kind of herby item in the second box that he liked so much he had to text me about it. 

I like the portion control and the health level of the snacks. I think it depends on your budget if you think $1.50 is too much for each little pocket of goodies.
I loved the packaging though. How cute are these containers?
I have a list of other subscription boxes I want to try and since I was a bit underwhelmed with this one I canceled so I can try others.  I did try at least two boxes though. If my husband would have really liked at least 3/4 of each box then I would have gone one more month.

I don't have all kinds of money to drop on too many. Okay so this was the only one I had right now but still. There are a few on my radar that just seem so much more squeal worthy for me, which is what I want to aim for.

I was reading a forum on how some people are box subscription addicted and have to hide them from their husbands. Like they are dropping like $700 A MONTH on these things!!! (made my valley girl come out: like like like like) 

Damn y'all, get some friends to buy you surprise gifts or something.

If I had enough ambition and follow through this would be kind of an awesome thing to do: make subscription boxes. I kind of had an idea of pairing candy with movies but I only got as far as "Airheads" and "Nerds". Mine would also come with a side of cat hair though... 


  1. I'd be interested to see what other boxes/subscriptions are on your interest list. $700/month? Who even has that to spend on something that's not rent or something? And to be able to hide that much of a fund? I wouldn't be able to hide $20 - we're pretty hardcore about being on track with our account, so even if we spend it all, at least we know what we're spending it on and where. Immediately, Shawn would be like, "What did you buy at Target for $20?" Wow. I'm stunned.

    1. There are a few food ones I would like to try. I had tried a makeup one before,why I don't know. I'm not a makeup person! My husband has the loot crate one, it has silly things in it. He did get a cool groot little figure in the last one. I feel like that made the whole box worth it.

      i know some girls who hide their purchases in their cars so their partners wont know how much they shop. it's weird. my husband knows what i buy because i do most of my shopping online and he sees the packages on the porch :)