Thursday, September 11, 2014

Disneyland 2014 (Photo Heavy)

  • Flew in
  • Met up with some friends that live in San Diego
  • Re-visted the rose garden where we were married
  • Hung out at the pool
  • Went to a tiki bar, Trader Sams, with other friends
  • Bought (almost) all the souvenir glasses because, HELLO TIKI

(Also: Not a fan of my profile in photos... not something I naturally see ever, so I'm trying to get use to it. Plus my lips in their natural color! Blue! And the bag was a gift from my friend Nancy, I am not comfortable yet to spend that much on a handbag! Going to try to get as much use of it as I can. It's such a perfect weekender size for me.)

  • Character Breakfast Buffet
  • Rides
  • World of Color Dinner
  • World of Color

(utilizing the photographing tip of "if it bends, bend it"; is it working???)

  • Mad Tea Party
We did a lot in both parks and rode a lot more rides but I don't have photos of everything! Also some of these photos are from my friend Jordan, they are easy to spot, they are the really awesome looking ones :)

Had a great time but would rather go when it isn't so HOT. I was so miserable with the heat.

If you have never been to Disneyland and want some starting points, I recommend the character breakfast buffet, World of Color, Indian Jones ride, and the tea party. 

You don't have to do the dinner part to participate in World of Color, and there are other restaurant options for dinner as well. 

Those are my favorites.

Oh, and the tiki bar!!! TIKI.

I wish I made more time to lounge around the pool as well, that would have been nice with how warm it was. Plus they serve drinks there! Next time :)


  1. This is awesome - looks like so much fun! I loved all the photos. I've never been to Disney-anything but I definitely want to go when I vacation in Cali - someday. :)

    1. I would say to not go during the summer, or other peak times. But mainly because of the weather. Ugh. You can't tell in the photos but I was sweating balls. My whole back was drenched! Just awful.

      If you ever start planning, I'll let my husband know. He will make an itinerary for you. No joke.