Monday, July 21, 2014

I seem to always need a summer break...

I'm the type that gets overwhelmed easily and I feel like I haven't had much free time to devote to this blog. So what do I have on my plate right now?

My husband and I just leased a new car, so that took some time going to varioius dealers. Though my husband did most (by most I mean like 99.9%) of the work (of course). Since my credit is still better than his, I'm actually the main person on the lease even though I don't have a license. I find this very amusing :) We are leasing it for 3 years at 250/month.

So what exactly did we get? An all electric car: the Leaf. It's pretty techy, it has cameras all around so it gives you a birds eye view of your car when you are parking/backing up. It has a hatch back so we can fit more things in it. It has a range of about 81 miles but Neil has a charging station at work so we don't have to worry too much about that. Plus we got two years of free charging when we got the car, so we will only have to pay for one year. Woot! If you want to know any more than that... um, I have no idea. It's blue.

So since we got the new car that needs to be plugged in, this started some home projects:
  • Cleaning the garage (ugh, so much junk!)
  • Getting a new motor installed for the garage door (so we can actually open it)
  • A new side garage door put in
  • New garage floor
  • New Shelving
  • Install a plug for the car to charge
  • Have all the junk removed (seriously, SO MUCH JUNK)
Some of these we have started, others are going to get done soon (like in a few weeks). So there have been many trips to home improvement stores after work to look at doors and flooring and the like! We are hoping to get the garage completely done so we check that room off our massive list.

other non garage related projects:

  • back fence!
  • new front door
  • (this one is a maybe) new downstairs shower

And how have we managed to tackle all of this? By doing something we said we wouldn't do. Dip into the equity of the house. I know, I know. Neil asked one of the lawyers at his work if it was a good idea, and he asked how much equity do you have? Neil said 300 thousand. Lawyer: Cool, so are you going to buy another house? Neil: Um... should we???

No, we didn't take out the full amount! We took out enough to cover credit card debt and some home improvements. Neil and I actually had a talk about our finances and realized we just were not doing great (despite my awesome credit score!) and we needed to figure some things out and change our spending habits. So our new loan is WAY less than our interest on our cards so we will be paying less in interest in the next five years. Even our loan guy for the house was amazed at the interest rate we were able to snag. Neil always likes to consult multiple people on subjects that they are more professional at than we are. So that makes me feel better :)

Getting married, buying a home, and doing a major house remodel in the same year really hit our credit but neither of us talked to each other about it. I started with savings when we bought the house and now I'm back on that track again! Such a relief off my shoulders. That was stress that I didn't know was affecting me as much as it was. So we still have a loan payment, but its all consolidated so it just feels more manageable.

What else? I feel like I've already typed so much, might as well keep going!

I've also been using the rowing machine for twenty minutes every night (so far four days in a row... I took a break Fri/Sat/Sun because my arms were so sore!). Deciding to use my free time being a little more productive ;) Neil says my form is improving, as long as he isn't talking to me. I am not coordinated at all and it takes a lot of concentration.

We are also going on vacation next week (this was planned and paid for BEFORE getting the loan, just wanted to put that in there otherwise it sounds like we are being irresponsible with the money!), so I have been trying to plan and pack for that as well. I am looking forward to a whole week off! We are only going to be gone three days but I decided just to take the whole week off. Which is only going to be partly relaxing because that is when a lot of home improvement is going on.

Yeah, yeah, first world problems.

I'm not trying to sound like I'm complaining! I'm actually really excited about everything that has been going on :) I hope to get my act together and have some before/after photos to share with you guys.

But in case I don't get to that in a timely manner, you can always follow me along on Instagram and Twitter. You know, if you are actually interested in my day to day life and musings ;)


  1. Holy monkeys - you do have a lot on your plate right now! It is easy to get overwhelmed - I feel it too. Like...I have to go to the post office on my day off? That seems like a lot. :( Ha ha Go you guys on working everything out and getting the good lease and everything! Way to use the brains and plan ahead and be all adult and such. :)

    1. I have to give most of the acting like an adult credit to my husband. I just follow and sign things! I'm so thankful he isn't a procrastinator and likes making phone calls. My two weaknesses!

    2. Oh, god....please don't make me do anything on my day off!!!!!

  2. Yay for new cars and front doors, and back fences!!! And reduced interest rates on loans!!!

    Ugh....all that sounded so grown up, lol!

    Poooooop!!!! There, that sounds a little more my speed....but seriously, WOW, you have a lot going on right now! I've been experiencing a lack of motivation and time to write, too, and life is, well, as you say, overwhelming......

    1. Yes, my life keeps becoming more grown up sounding which is so weird for me because I don't *feel* grownup. Until I'm hanging out with people in their twenties, then its "yup, i'm definitely old".