Monday, June 2, 2014

Not annoying things

I figured since I did a whole post on what my housemates do that annoy me, I figured it's only fair to do a post dedicated to the stuff they do that DOESN'T annoy me :) You know, stuff I like. And those photos have nothing to do with this post except that I'm not annoyed in them :)
  • I love it when my roommate wakes up before I do and makes coffee in the kitchen. The lovely coffee aroma wafts upstairs and fills my nose with its deliciousness. Best mornings ever! Usually just the smell of coffee is enough to fulfill any coffee needs that I may have. The smell is almost intoxicating for me!
  • My husband never wakes up in a bad mood. Ever. Every morning he comes up the stairs from his shower and does a little dance for me. They are always silly and always cute. And on the rare occasions that I have Spotify on, it inspires new dance moves :)
  • Coming home to the dishes done! My housemate loves to do the dishes and will sometimes surprise me with an empty sink and clean dishes! Super awesome!
  • My husband is really tidy; he always has his towel hanging up, socks in the hamper... He has definitely made me more tidy... Though my towel is sometimes on the floor...
  • Also another morning thing: if it's really cold, my husband will turn on the heater when he goes downstairs so that when I get up, the room is a little bit warmer. I get up a little after he does, mainly so that I can get my morning grouch out of the way before he makes his way back up the stairs :) I have about twenty to thirty minutes to myself which REALLY makes a difference. 


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    1. i figure i need to balance the negativity sometimes :)